Saturday, September 17, 2011

"You Cannot build peace on a foundation of lies..." - PM Netanyahu


IMRA - Telling what truth at the UN?

Dr. Aaron Lerner
Weekly Commentary
15 September '11

You cannot build peace on a foundation of lies…I have decided to convey these twin messages of direct negotiations for peace and the quest for peace through the quest for the truth. I’ve decided to take this message the United Nations General Assembly when I speak there next week…not to win applause, but to speak the truth to every nation that wants to hear the truth.”Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu 15 September 2011

Here are two key “truths”:

First and foremost, it is appropriate for Prime Minister Netanyahu to “chapter and verse” the absolutely uncontestable meaning of UNSC 242 at the time it was passed by the UN Security Council.

The Arab assertion that UNSC 242 requires that Israel agree to swap sovereign Israeli territory for any square centimeter it retains beyond the Green Line is a barefaced lie.

The Arabs can repeat billion times that UNSC 242 requires total Israeli withdrawal, but the intentional, deliberate and intensively discussed decision not to include the word “the” in the phrase “[W]ithdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories” serves as irrefutable testimony that the intention of the representatives who approved UNSC 242 was that Israel was not required to completely withdraw.

This is an issue that deserves much more than an eloquent sound bite.

It calls for citing quotes from officials who represented the major participants in the vote – even using visual devices to highlight that Israel respects and embraces the true UNSC 242 and not the fake 242 of theArabs.

The Palestinian assertion that they enjoy some kind of universal right to “resist the occupation” by all means under international law is also a gross lie.

Mr. Netanyahu should take the opportunity when he addresses the General Assembly to explain how Yasser Arafat, on behalf of the Palestinians, forfeited their so-called “right to (violent) resistance” as the entrance fee for Oslo. He did this in the exchange of letters with Prime Minister Rabin at the launching of Oslo and this commitment was repeated in the series of agreements that followed.

The Palestinian lie that they legally have the option to murder Israelis if they believe it serves their interests has had a profoundly destructive impact on the “peace process”.

I sincerely hope that these two “truths” do indeed find the prominent place in Mr. Netanyahu’s presentation that they so rightfully deserve.

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