Monday, June 6, 2011

Update: Take a moment, please ...

for a dear friend and his family.

In blessed memory of Aharon Eshed,
son of Zachary
June 5, 2011

May 22, 2011

A personal friend and a  "contributor" to Real Americans Defend Israel, Rony Israel, has sent me an Email, to inform me that his father is very ill, in the hospital and on a respirator since Saturday.  The doctors say "there is not much time".

Ron tells me that his father, AHARON ESHED, son of Zachary, is a part of Israel's history in helping to build the country.  He personally participated in 5 of Israel's wars.  Ron wrote (translation from Hebrew): "He is a man that he knew by heart, not just, all - of the Torah by heart, even the tastes of the Torah, painted under and over, every word in the Torah. He taught me that, since that I was three and a half. At age 7, he taught me Aramaic. He sat me every Saturday, with my brother, to read the translations of the Torah, the Bible, and of all that around. My father Is one of the last that knows all of the Torah to recite by heart." Baron Eshed

There is much more to the story and background of Aharon (Aaron) Eshed, for as there is a story beneath every rock in Israel, there is a story to be told about about Aharon Eshed. It is enough to know that my friend and his family are in deep sadness today.

I ask that those who will pray, will pray for comfort and great peace for Baron and his family.  

If you care to leave a comment for Baron (Rony), it would be my privilege to pass it on to him, for his comfort.

Thank you.


Bee Sting

UPDATE - JUNE 5, 2011

I wish to inform everyone, especially to those
who sent Emails and prayed
for RonYisrael's family ...

today, at approximately Noon (Israel time)
our dear friend, Rony's father died.

We wish to send our prayers and sympathy to you, Ron and to your family
during this time of deep sadness.

Tenor : Baroukh Nissim - psalm 47 -"Nessun Dorma"


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