Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan: The first country to ban hijaab

MARCH 17, 2011

Gutless Educated Moderate Muslims

Japan was the first country to ban hijaab, the first country to stop teaching of Quran and the first country to tear the pages of the Quran. They printed Allah’s and His Messenger Muhammad’s names on their shoes. They claim that they are the “largest" nuclear power in the world, the “2nd largest" military power and the “best” Architects. They felt proud of their Science, o f their inventions and didn’t surrender their faith towards Allah, who bestowed all these blessings on them. In spite of their supremacy in all capacities, they can’t withstand the terror of Allah, which He had given back to them as their ‘reward’.
So, O Muslims! Raise your voice by saying ‘ALLAH HU AKBAR’ and feel proud to be a Muslim.' – Share this message among the fellow Muslims of the world."
This is the latest sacred duty being carried over among the educated "Moderate Muslims", while Japanese are passing through a very critical moment of their history and need humanistic approach towards them. Any human being who watches these video clips of devastating earthquakes on TV and Internet will definitely feel hurt. On the other hand the feelings are quite opposite in the mysterious world of Muslims. This tragic episode of Japan is a funny joke for them, carried out by the ‘most gracious and merciful Allah’.
Some of our readers among the “moderate” Muslims may claim that this may be the work of few mischievous ignorant Muslims. It isn’t, because; this message is being circulated among most of the ‘educated’ moderate Muslims and feel it is very dutiful to pass on this message to their fellow Muslims, over their cell phones.
This is not the first time that, this kind of mischief occurs. They already enjoyed and shared their joyous moments among them, whenever such calamity occurred, like the devastation caused by ‘Katrina’ cyclone in USA, floods in Europe and Australia, Earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and Mexico etc,. They haven’t spared their own Islamic countries like Pakistan, Iran and Indonesia, while they were hit by Tsunami and earthquakes, by saying they were punished by Allah for not practicing Islam properly. In fact the Muslims are eagerly waiting to witness such miseries to occur and to praise Allah for His ‘Gifts’ to the infidels and to the misguided Muslims. Though I am an atheist and pretend to be a Muslim (Not like to be killed as an apostate and wish to witness the eradication of Islam before dying) received these kinds of inhuman messages several time.
This kind of mischievous idea gets hatched in almost all the mosques by their Imams’, during the Friday sermons. Let us analyze first the back ground of these illiterate Imams who fool hundreds of their audience. Usually in the non-Arab Asian countries the Imams come from the economically poor families and not afford to get proper education because of their poverty. They were forced to be sent to Arabic Madrasas were they get free, but, only the religious 'Knowledge' of deceiving, cutting and killing. After the completion of their ‘courses’ they get their job with a very poor salary, because there are a number of "Islamic scholars" graduated every year in the non-Arab Asian countries and couldn’t get jobs even at the lowest salary. The so called ‘Islamic scholars’ prefer to work in MD's sacred land (i.e. Saudi Arabia) and the “sacred country” offers them “Unskilled” labour job. Surely the Arab knows about the meaning of ‘Islamic Scholars’ and the extent of their skill. I met such expatriates “learned” Aalims and Haafids (Islamic Scholars) working as unskilled labours, cleaning the toilets in Saudi Arabia.
Such Imams (Toilet cleaners) are given most respect by their fellow muslims in the non-Arab countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia etc,. They are paid from the contribution of the muslims of that locality. The Imam, after getting the salary, shows his gratitude by preaching them his barbaric and superstitious ideas, which he gained from Madrasas. He explains his audience, how Allah punishes the countries governed by the infidels and how Allah take revenge on those muslim countries which are not practicing the Hijaab, follow the western culture and not follow the Sunna and Sharia.  By this way the Imam pretend to show how the righteous muslims are being protected by Allah.
No any intellectual, educated, moderate and liberal Muslim among the 'HEARD' of Muslims, raises any intellectual question or objecting upon his inhuman lecture. Not even once it happened. Because this is also MD’s deceptive order to the pious Muslims not to talk or raise questions during the sermon. They all hear to the illiterate Imams’ with at most devotion and digest his inhumane, unscientific and superstitious ideas like a heard of sheep. Even after coming out of the mosque, after the sermon, nobody wills to discuss about his ugly ideas. If I raise any doubt regarding it, to the educated, liberal, moderate Muslims, they just avoid to discuss in detail, in fear that they may lose their Imaan (faith). But they don’t feel any embarrassment or shame by circulating these kinds of mischievous messages. Their intellect doesn’t allow them to raise any question on hearing the rubbish hadiths like, "One wing of a fly has a disease, and the other the cure. So dip it well in your drinks." - Sahih AlBukhari Vol:4/537
The real culprits and terrorists in Islam are these so called silent majority of educated moderate muslims, who has no guts to question their own paid servants; their Imaams.
I read somewhere, from the writings of Mr. Ali Sina that, "Socrates said 'Ignorance is the mother of all sins.'"