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Hey Erdogan - We're sending you a roll of duct tape! - by Bee Sting

Real Americans Defend Israel
September 25, 2011
by Bee Sting

Duck/Duct Tape - the "ultimate power tool"

Is it Duct or Duck? We don’t want you to be confused, so we will explain. The first name for Duct Tape was DUCK. During World War II the U.S. Military needed a waterproof tape to keep the moisture out of ammunition cases. So, they enlisted the Johnson and Johnson Permacel Division to manufacture the tape. Because it was waterproof, everyone referred to it as “duck” tape (like water off a duck’s back). Military personnel discovered that the tape was good for lots more than keeping out water. They used it for Jeep repair, fixing stuff on their guns, strapping equipment to their clothing... the list is endless.
After the War, the housing industry was booming and someone discovered that the tape was great for joining the heating and air conditioning duct work. So, the color was changed from army green to the silvery color we are familiar with today and people started to refer to it as “duct tape*.” Therefore, either name is appropriate.
Today, Duck® brand Tape is manufactured by ShurTech. After thoroughly familiarizing ourselves with the hundreds of duct tapes on the market, we have found Duck® brand Tape to be the most consistent in quality. And, we are delighted with the large array of colors that they manufacture (including camo tape and new “X-Treme Tape” which comes in hot day-glo colors).
Jim and I do lots of appearances promoting Duck® brand Tape and do so without reservation. Therefore, we go by both The Duct Tape Guys, and The Duck Tape Guys. And, we use the words Duck and Duct interchangeably throughout our web site.
So, whether you call it Duct Tape or Duck Tape... you are still using the “Ultimate Power Tool” in our estimation.--- Jim and Tim, the Duck/Duct Tape Guys
Now that we understand the usefulness of Duct Tape, perhaps we could now attach a roll over the mouth of Erdogan - the guy who just can't shut up!  I wonder if he loses sleep nights, just thinking up who his next target will be the following day. It was interesting to listen to PM Netanyahu's speech to the United Nations on Friday - never a threat, nor even a mention of the Turkish threats looming over Israel. There's the difference between a world leader and a dictator!  A world leader presents solutions to peace, while a dictator and neighborhood bully presents threats of war.  But, let us not compare Erdogan and Netanyahu.  

The issue that should be at the forefront is the present relationship between the United States and Turkey.  Perhaps Congress could answer for all of us: "Is U.S. aid to Turkey beneficial to United States, or is aid to Turkey a conflict of United States interest?"  We're not talking about $16.00 for a muffin, courtesy of American taxpayers; we're talking about BILLIONS to aid a country that intends to use USA military equipment for the purposes of  aiding a genocidal maniac.  It's time President Obama learned to choose America's friends more carefully and past time for intervention by the U.S. Congress.
President Barack Obama, right, shakes hands during his bilateral meeting with Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, left, in New York, Tuesday, Sept., 20, 2011. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)
On Saturday, September 24, 2011, YNet reported the following:
The United States has agreed in principle to deploy US Predator drones on Turkish soil to aid in the fight against Kurdish separatist rebels, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said.   The US military flies unarmed surveillance Predators based in Iraq and shares images and vital intelligence with Turkey to aid Ankara as it battles Kurdish Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) rebels who have camps in northern Iraq. .... read more here

If this is true and the United States is supplying Turkey military aid to attack the Kurdish population, wouldn't we be complicit in aiding the Turkish genocide of the Kurds?  Wasn't that one of the crimes committed by Saddam Hussein, as he gassed the Kurds and murdered over 400,000 in northern Iraq?  Rather than draw a picture of Saddam's calculated atrocities, go here to see how a dictator acted towards his own people.  The term "democracy" does not apply to Iraq, nor does "nation building", or "liberty" for the Iraqi people, if the United States allows Turkey to undermine the United States "War on Terror" these past ten years.
But there's more!  Get that duct tape out again!  There are more sticky issues being reported, but probably not in the front pages of our national newspapers.  
On September 15th, this blog reported the following - here:
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced the establishment of a new Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF). According to the statement, this initiative is the main activity in the administration’s effort to organize a framework for the international counterterrorism effort. In other words, it is very important.  "Obama's New Anti-Terrorist Group: Islamist and Pro-Terrorist Turkish Regime Annointed as Co-Leader; Israel, Left Out"  ....   (read the rest)
And, for more information on the Counter-terrorism Forum, and the list of members invited by the U.S. and the Sec'y of State, see here .... and here.  Now why do you suppose this Administration "forgot" to invite Israel to a "Forum" that's sole purpose is to discuss "terrorism", when the State of Israel is attacked by terrorists almost daily, by its neighbors?!  Clinton states: 
"I am pleased to be joined by my friend and colleague, Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu, as co-chair. We know very well that Turkey’s commitment to strengthening international cooperation against the threats we all face is a very important contribution, so I thank you, Ahmet, for being here for this kickoff."
This is not a joke!  She actually said that (and more!).  Turkey, a country threatening the entire Middle East with warships and planes; drones and whatever else it can dream up to intimidate countries throughout the Mediterranean Sea (and the Kurds in Iraq)!  I believe Hillary needs some duct tape too and since the tape comes in colors, she can choose a color to reflect her true character and that of this Administration who refuses to identify America's enemies.
For more threats by Turkey, here are a few headlines, including the one about its ties with Iran:

Hey Turkey!  Stop the world and let me off!  It's a "mad, mad world!"

"It may sound jerky, but in Turkey, who eats Turkey...
It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world!"