Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011: Yom Hazikaron: In blessed memory of Shimon Eshed

Shimon (Simon) Eshed
12/05-1930 - 09/09/1948
Note: Translation/Hebrew
by: Rony Yisrael
I want  to share with you this day. a little bit about my Uncle Simon, who is a symbol of our family name. 
The first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, wrote in his book, "Gvilei fire. " ("Pages from the fire. ") 
Simon Eshed died young.  He fell after participating in several battles, as leader of the Warriors department. He was the youngest of all the fighters. He fell, and was not yet 17 years old. Simon is a person that lives forever in the memory book of Israel.   
Ben(son of) Tzviya and Zechariah - he, was born on 15 in KISLEV-5691 to the creation of the world from the Book of Genesis (12/05/1930) in Yemen and immigrated with his parents to Israel in the month of Adar Atartz"ed 5694to count Israel.
His childhood was difficult, and yet he excelled in his studies and completed the elementary school the boys "Oriental" in Rehovot, where his parents settled. . His teachers found him talented, with an inclination for teaching and helped him continue his studies. Simon went on to study in the ninth grade, but had to discontinue his studies because of the economic situation of the parents.
At 14 years old, he went with a group of "the youth of the work" training Yagur from there, along with the nucleus, a group of Galilee, where he spent two years and absorbed into the spirit of pioneering, the traces left him all his life. About the end of two years, he was forced to leave the group, to help the family. Simon returned to the village streets (City Rehovot.), But before he could get work,  the War - Independence, and he enlisted immediately, despite the material hardship on his family, he left home and served in 'Galilee Brigade "YIFTACH" and shortly thereafter was appointed to Acting (platoon commander). 
It was suggested to him to leave the course (platoon commanders, on commission), but he refused to part from his friends that to them and which were associated be sent to the fronts - different fighter. Simon was the path of the brigade's battles fought around Safed, Mt - Canaan, breaking the way to Jerusalem, and in Latrun, in Operation Dani, and finally in the Negev. 
On Elul Independence (9.9. 1948), when he was leading as Commander (less than age17) - all soldiers from its base at Kibbutz Nir - he was hit in the chest by the bullets of the Egyptians that pursued them in an armored car. His friends picked him up, but he died a few hours later (now known 24 hours after injury) and was buried in Kibbutz Neeram. Day as in Kislev Atshi"a -5711 AD Israel (04/12/1950) He was laid to rest - to rest, at home - the military cemetery in the land of Isaac. He left behind letters and diary, that show great articulate. (This page is part of the national commemoration, Remembrance, conducted by the 'Ministry of Defense) 
 My note:
In honor of the memory of all Israel's heroes, on this Independence Day, I would like to share this song (below), for we shall "never forget" every Israeli who has suffered and died for blessed Israel.

If I Forget thee, O Jerusalem

Yehoram Gaon - Ballad for the Medic. 

Tribute for the Heroes

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This video is a tribute for all the people that keeps me safe and for the army that i had the honor to serve in.
The theme song is Ballada LeHovesh/Medic's Ballad by Yehoram Gaon.