Friday, September 30, 2011

Obama: "Another Embarrassing Failure" - by Diogenes Sarcastica

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Obama Rejected by Dancing With the Stars

 Another Embarrassing Failure 

It was revealed today to Diogenes' reporters that President Obama failed a super secret audition for the the new season  of the popular television show 'Dancing with the Stars'. Officials with the highly rated program told us that the White House had requested the secret preliminary try-out as a way of boosting Obama's popularity rating with the American people. "Unfortunately, the guy can't dance either" a spokesperson for the show said, referring to Obama's handling of the economy.


For maximum viewer ratings, Obama was originally paired with 2008 election foe, the graceful Republican rising star Sarah Palin. But Mrs.Palin later was said to say "This guy has three left feet! Go figure."She also told producers  "if they issued dancing licenses, his would be revoked for endangering the public safety!" The political friction showed in their first dance routine , a basic Foxtrot, in which Obama's moves were said by un-named production staff as "resembling a chicken on acid."

Obama was later paired with dancing star  Tameka McHughes, doing a classic disco number. "This guy was all over me." Ms. McHughes told us. "It was like prom night with Steve Urkel!"

At first, the White House initially denied the secret audition, but confronted with pictures, finally had to admit the embarrassing episode. No further comments were issued on the matter.

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