Saturday, September 17, 2011

Video: U.N. voting to establish a Jewish State in the land of Israel, November 29th, 1947.

Israel's flag flying high over Massada

"The nations of the world recognized Israel's right to a homeland" in 1947 and the "circle was now closed".

And now, as the United Nations meets next week, the world has bitterly turned its back upon Israel.  Much has changed since 1948.  The UN today has a majority of terrorists and dictators filling the seats, acting like royalty and seeking the destruction of Israel.  What the Arab nations and anti-Semitic haters could not succeed in doing on the battle fields; or by terrorist attacks; suicide bombers; propaganda; browbeating and publicly embarrassing Israel's leaders; interfering with Israel's politics and objecting to Israeli's building on its homeland; it will now attempt to do with votes.

Votes against Israel, to allow the Arab Palestinians to enjoy statehood without recognizing Israel's right to exist.  Votes without first, negotiations with leaders of Israel.  Votes for Fatah united with Hamas (a world-recognized terrorist organization) is a vote against the tiny nation Israel.  What hypocrisy! No nation in the world would allow other nations to interfere with its safety and security, and yet, they sit in contempt and disgust over Israel's right to defend her nation!  This vote is a farce!  As an American, I am disgusted that the Palestinians have been allowed to go this far, without the world objecting to such a pretense.  

When the tapes and videos are played back of the UN meetings and votes next week, it will be interesting to learn who among the nations stood up and supported Israel.