Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Video: Top Leadership in Egypt's ruling party resigns - Comment by: Ron Yisrael

Top leadership in Egypt's ruling party resigns

CAIRO — The leadership council of Egypt's ruling party resigned Saturday, including the president's son, but supporters of President Hosni Mubarak expressed optimism that he will survive the chaotic effort to oust him.  ... (more .... USA Today)

Ron Yisrael's Comment - translation from Hebrew

Nothing makes sense with this. Only if you want to destroy what have you done in 30 years, only then it makes sense. But why? Is Mubarak, did not keep the interests of the United States? thirty years is - do it .. how can .. 

Did ,in the last two years, make mistakes with everyone?  It needs explaining. To yourself. Explain exactly what purpose the administration of your current, that he (Obama) feels more prudent with a new way, and smarter than all the previous governments of America. That allows himself to a foreign process, like everyone before him were to no path, and not smart.
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My note:
Many Americans would agree with you, Ron...it does not make sense.  Over the weekend, 80% of the news on Fox is about this administrations questionable insistence that it would be good to sit down with "moderate" members of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The term "moderate" to describe a group who fathered Hamas terrorists is considered quite dangerous to the security to the United States and Israel. And just in case Americans disagree, Obama has spent the weekend interviewing with Fox News (that's a first!) to explain his reasons for embracing the MB.  His comment that "Egypt will not go back to the way it is..." is true; it will become another Iran, if the MB gains a foothold in Egypt's government.

Obama's strong words against President Mubarak, an ally of the U.S. these past 30 years, is recognized as a betrayal of an American ally who kept peace between Israel and Egypt.  Not all American politicians are blind and they are asking the same questions you ask, Ron.  No, this does not make sense!

Egypt will not gain democracy through the Muslim Brotherhood (a lesson the West will soon learn, sadly, if the MB is allowed one step into Egypt's leadership).  Many compare this to the former President Carter's foreign policy and mistakes with Iran. 

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