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Shalom from Rehovot, Israel - By RonYisrael

 Thursday, Aprill 7, 2011
Real Americans Defend Israel
By: RonYisrael
Shalom To all of you,My name is Ron, from Rehovot 
I was born in Israel, live in Israel, the land of peace, and to you life and peace.
Today Thursday, 7/4/2011, the Hamas fired on Israel, this day alone, 50 rockets, and one anti-tank missile, was aiming for a bus of young children, and was shot without hesitation and regret, from those who call themselves by mistake , "Palestinians."

By the way, this name is stolen, from a nation Philistines, that was in early days of the children of Israel, and is mentioned at the time of the Bible. but every child that with you - need to know that there is no such thing as Arab Philistines. Philistines of the Bible "Bible, their European origin, and not Oriental.

The Philistines had disappeared from the map more ancient time. And not mentioned more, not during the Persian Empire, and Greek. 
At the time of the Roman Empire, after Rome conquered the old world. And wrapped the map of Israel., One nation left that has not been on the discipline of the Roman conqueror. the Tribe of Judah, (from this name, was the word Jews, like that of the tribe of Zebulun, was Zhvoulony, and from the tribe of Ephraim - Efrati, that Jews from Judea) if it is not broke, internal wars, it is certain that all was overpowering Rome . but Rome fought for years with Judah, Judea at that value before many wars. Bua skip a lot. It is also time that Rome conquered Jerusalem and Judah, and Judah, the tribe of Judah, is - Value - revolts against Rome. Due to these revolts, carrots emperor that all that region is where the tribe of Judah, with all the other map of Israel, will be under the name Philistines. But in English years later, created a word "Palestine", a name with a Western accent, not regional. 

Nations that split from Rome, European nations, after a while the Romans, of course knew the word and the biblical area, in the name "Palestine". name it, I can not get it as long as I am an Israeli Jew. That's the name that the basic purpose of meaning, "Israel does not exist" but "Emperor exist. " To no connection to that no Arab or Arab, I do not get it.

It's that local Arabs, continues with this name, after that was to the British mandate over Eretz Israel, and Britain called for the Land of Israel in Palestine, from the government's inertia ancient Roman, very absurd that Arabs continue with that name. They have no relevance to this name. Nothing. Anyone who calls my country, Palestine, is only making the team Empress of Rome, to wipe me out, even after so many years, that Rome had disappeared from the regional government, and I was born in Israel, after that more than two thousand years almost There was not Israelis in Israel.

The ones who call themselves "Palestinians", they have no reference to it. They were citizens of that during the Islamic Ottoman Turkish, came to the land of Israel, in order that this country will be part of Islam, so you can hear, that they require a return to a homeland that is mine. If this way, what with the right of the people that sit here thousands of years, only in God's commandments, which have not been to any nation in the world. Because it's the right of thousands of years, and not the tens or a hundred years. Also in this test, they fail. And do not even need DNA testing to prove, that they are from Jordan, Egypt or Syria, a reason that - that's clear.

Needless to say, that Israel's connection to Israel, is very different from all other nations. One citizen to another country, we take an example, a Jordanian or a Swede, that are going to live in another country, they have no problem adopting a new identity. European day, can be an American. It does not matter for him. National identity is changing, almost does not exist, as an American that day, does not know from where in Europe came to his fathers, three hundred years ago. The reason, not with the importance that is with the implications about him. I'm not saying that is bad, or good, it's just a fact.

Among Israelis is very different. They are the descendants of the children of Israel, that are not objects in a permanent settlement in any country. Because it does not belong to them. Anyway, just from examining the property, but can not be national. Israel is of Israel, even if other people will come and conquer Israel, Israel will have to take back. This is the Torah and the Land Law, not because he invented it, because it's country heritage. As something sacred, that you do not give up even if someone beats you about that you're with weakness. And construction of Arabs everywhere in Israel, from this examination no less than do a crime against Israel's sacred. That for all peoples, have all the world, but to Israel has a special mandate, be related to homeland soil.

So I see all the damage in Israel, automatic about crime. And no right to even an Arab, come with requirements on this sacred land. That it not be, that justice of the Arabs, he was right. Their goal, to wipe me out, and use the power of lies, and in the UN, or "human rights organization," or what not? To delete me all the history. Why? After all, if they say that Islam says, So know, that has no basis in Islam's own. He came in inspiration of copying, and deleting rows, and a new writing words that deleted before. taken from a New Covenant, Old Testament, delete rows, and come to instill new words. that they are the chosen people - Islam! So if they are liars, and want to live like this, it does not require me. I'm examining, not in their section.

My Torah is the commandment that I know, even before Muhammad came to make changes. and who have not received him, he made it in with a sword. I do not have any relevance to these methods. I just want to live in peace, the land of my fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. and anyone who shoots rockets at me, God will do in real court trial, that This world is a work with the laws, with the laws of nature, with a thought, until every detail. and for me, if you fight me, it's like you do not believe in God. and Islam, they have no connection to God. and sit on stolen land . and anyone who kills, has become a martyr. open Torah scroll, and a look on the people of Sodom. they're better than today's Arabs. If they were good Arabs, then they would leave the entire land of Israel without conditions. that call to my state of Palestine, it delete me. I'm still waiting as my ancestors, that a temple will be on the glory of Jerusalem, with the priests and Levites, what that was before Rome was in Jerusalem, and went into exile, only that -we do not bow before Emperor of Rome.

And know only on belief of the God of Israel, that made ​​the world. . the thing is, believers in God.  And due to this fact, the Arabs must evacuate all of Israel not only Jerusalem, in order that we can live in the promised land. that it would be, the whole world will be at peace. and a welcome light from Zion to all nations, and the Lord saved Israel and Jerusalem, not learn sword and war. 
I am grateful to Real Americans Defend Israel to that let me talk to you all. And peace to you all. AMEN AMEN!
Note:  RonYisrael's message is translated from Hebrew.  However, his message is clear, precise and truth.  I thank Ron for offering to write his comments down to share with all our readers here, at Real Americans Defend Israel.

I have known Ron for three years.  We posted comments together on USA Today in defense of Israel during the Cast Lead War, when the liberal media put a slant on that war much like that of the Goldstone Report.  It was through Ron's desire and yes, even passion,  to share the feelings and thoughts of Israelis in order that Americans understand what Israel was fighting against (terrorism), where we first met.

Our friendship has grown and with it, this blog opened up to give those who support Israel a better opportunity to speak - speak away from the confines of liberalism, and moderators who do not wish its members/bloggers to speak the truth.