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Obama's ID - Email of the Week

-- Political Pistachio 

Obama at the bank
Barack Obama walks into the bank to cash a check. "Good morning, Ma'am," he greets the cashier, "could you please cash this check for me?"

"It would be my pleasure, sir. Could you please show me your ID?"

"Truthfully, I did not bring my ID with me as I didn't think there was any need to. I am President Barack Obama, the president of the United States of America!"

"Yes, sir, I know who you are, but with all the regulations, monitoring of the banks because of impostors and forgers, etc, I must insist on seeing ID."

"Just ask anyone here at the bank who I am and they will tell you. Everybody knows who I am."

"I am sorry Mr. President but these are the bank rules and I must follow them."

"I am urging you please to cash this check."

"Ok, this is what we can do Mr. President: One day Tiger Woods came into the bank without ID. To prove he was Tiger Woods he pulled out his putting iron and made a beautiful shot across the bank into a cup. With that shot we knew him to be Tiger Woods and cashed his check. Another time, Andre Agassi came in without ID. He pulled out his tennis racquet and made a fabulous shot, making the tennis ball land in my cup. With that spectacular shot we cashed his check. So, Mr. President, what can you do to prove that it is you, and only you, as the president of the United States?"

Obama stands there thinking and finally says, "Honestly, there is nothing that comes to my mind. I can't think of a single thing I'm good at."

"Will that be large or small bills, Mr. President?"

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary


03 October 2011

America keeps pushingThe serious impact of the US administration’s fierce condemnation of a routine municipal approval for construction of 1100 homes in the Jerusalem suburb of Gilo must not be underestimated.
It is crucial that Americans and the global community are made aware that Gilo is not a settlement outpost. For 40 years nobody ever challenged the fact that Gilo belongs to Jewish Jerusalem. It is a 100% Jewish populated suburb of south western Jerusalem located minutes from the heart of the city. During the second intifada it was under sniper fire from terrorists located in the adjoining Arab suburb of Bet Jala. It is as much part of Jerusalem as the suburbs of Rehavia or Katamon. To deny that Gilo is part of Israel is akin to denying that Tel Aviv is part of Israel.

To even hint that Obama’s formulation of 1967 borders means that we are obliged to “negotiate with the Palestinians” over Gilo, would simply be inconceivable. It would challenge the residential rights of 300,000 Jews in the entirely Jewish populated areas of Jerusalem over the green line such as Ramat Eshkol, Pisgat Zeev, Ramot and French Hill. These Jewish suburbs of Jerusalem, illegally occupied between 1948 and 1967 by the Jordanians who made the area Judenrein, would be up for grabs or “negotiable”. Every mainstream Zionist political party would unhesitatingly refuse to negotiate over these areas.

This US condemnation is magnified by the fact that it took place in the immediate aftermath of the defamatory address by the intransigent PA president Mahmoud Abbas at the UN General Assembly. Abbas refused to compromise on anything, reiterated his determination to never recognize a Jewish state and even denied the historical association of the Jewish people with the Holy Land.

He accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing”, employing terms such as “racist” and “apartheid” without retracting his earlier proclamations that not a single Jew would be permitted to live in the new Palestinian state. He boasted that he would reunite with Hamas whose Charter calls on the faithful to murder all Jews and remains committed to the destruction of Israel. We are repeatedly reminded that Abbas is the best peace partner we will ever get but at times like this we would do well to remind ourselves that his Ph.D. thesis was based on justifying Holocaust denial.

The Gilo construction hysteria coincides with delicate diplomatic maneuvers at the UN Security Council arising from the Palestinian abrogation of the Oslo Accords. We need US support to ensure that the fallout from this on a cluster of issues does not inflict major damage on us. For example, some European countries are likely to yet again place us in the dock when we refuse to accept substitution of UN Resolution 242 by a formula in which the 1949 armistice lines (with swaps dependent on Palestinian acquiescence) become the new benchmark for negotiations. That would lead to the indefensible 1967 lines being de-facto imposed as the new borders, with significant sections of Jewish Jerusalem and the Temple Mount excluded from Israel.
In addition, many of these nations are also unlikely to demand that the Palestinians accept Israel as a Jewish state which poses an existential threat for us, and which, amongst other matters, relates to the Palestinian foregoing of the Arab refugee right of return to Israel.

We do not expect the US government never to criticize Israel or from time to time have differences with us. But during such a sensitive situation, the vicious public condemnation of Israel over construction of homes in its own capital is hardly the manner one would expect the US to behave towards an ally.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who in her previous role as a senator had supported recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, even went so far as to accuse Israel of being “provocative”.

Not surprisingly, the Europeans saw this as a clear signal to intensify their pressure against us. The EU Foreign Policy Spokesperson, Catherine Ashton, demanded that Israel revoke the permit. The French Foreign Minister followed suit. And even German Chancellor Angela Merkel joined the pack informing the media that she condemned Netanyahu and “raised doubts over the Israeli government’s readiness to begin serious negotiations with the Palestinians”.

Despite his charm offensive towards President Obama, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu responded that Israel’s capital and in particular the Jewish suburbs of Jerusalem had never hitherto been subject to outside interference and his government would not alter its policy. He pointed out that substantial Arab construction plans had been approved at the same time.

It is thus imperative that as we witness the US Administration’s passive stance as the Europeans continue pressurizing Israel, we do not accept Obama’s UN speech as the last word on the matter, especially with Congress and the majority of Americans being strongly opposed to one-sided pressures against the Jewish state.

Indeed, Congress has already demonstrated its unwillingness to continue tolerating Palestinian intransigence. Over the past three months it blocked nearly $200 million of aid to the Palestinians in response to the PA breach of the Oslo Accords and their dismissal of US demands to negotiate with Israel. The House and Senate Foreign Relations Committees have indicated that funding would remain suspended until the question of Palestinian statehood at the UN had been settled.

Yet, the Palestinians believe that in return for US opposition to their efforts at the UN, they can leverage the Obama Administration to extract further unilateral concessions from Israel in their ongoing campaign to dismantle the Jewish State in stages. It is therefore crucial that American Jewish leaders and friends of Israel now raise their voices against efforts to transform Jewish Jerusalem into a negotiating issue.

ADL’s Abe Foxman was one of the few Jewish leaders courageous enough to speak up and condemn Obama’s Israel bashing at the early stages. He recently accused me, mistakenly, of not being willing to praise Obama’s positive initiatives towards Israel despite my having done so on many occasions However I pointed out that over the past 6 months, the ADL like other Jewish establishment bodies, had remained silent in the face of Obama’s biased diplomatic forays against Israel. One hopes, that in conjunction with other Jewish leaders he will again display the courage to publicly condemn the administration over its behavior in relation to housing in Jewish Jerusalem.

If the Jewish response to this remains muted, it will serve to strengthen those in the Administration who are determined to maintain the ongoing policy of appeasing the Palestinians at Israel’s expense. More importantly, the pressure on the administration to follow up on Obama’s dazzling UN speech will evaporate and it will be reduced to nothing other than an electoral ploy to attract Jewish and pro-Israeli Americans to the Democratic camp.

This column was originally published in Israel Hayom

'Egyptians against gas exports to Israel'

Egypt's gas pipeline to Israel (File photo)
A recent opinion poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Egyptians oppose the terms of the country's gas deal with the Israeli regime.
Mon Oct 3, 2011 2:18PM GMT
According to a press TV poll conducted by Synovate, which was released on Monday, 73 percent of the respondents said they are against gas exports to Israel. Only 9 percent of those surveyed said they agreed with the supplying of gas to the Israeli regime, and 12 percent had no opinion. 

Meanwhile, 74 percent of respondents between the ages of 18 and 25 said they were dissatisfied with gas exports to Israel, while 13 percent expressed satisfaction with the exports, and 13 percent did not have an opinion. 

Of the surveyed individuals, 75 percent of those between the ages of 26 and 35 demanded an immediate halt to gas exports to Israel. Only 15 percent agreed with Cairo's gas deal with Tel Aviv, and 10 percent had no opinion. 

For Egyptians, the issue of supplying the Israeli regime with gas has always been a contentious one. Egyptians view Israel as an enemy and oppose engaging in any form of business with the regime. 

Egypt's gas supply to Israel has been one of the main economic conditions of the US-sponsored 1979 peace treaty between the two sides. 

Under a USD 2.5-billion export deal with Tel Aviv, signed in 2005, the Israeli regime receives around 40 percent of its gas supply from Egypt at a considerably low price. 

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Walid Shalaby told Press TV in March that the “deal was made in the dark, away from the sight of supervisory and legislative bodies. It has to be proposed to the new parliament which will decide on who to export to and to determine the price of the exported gas.” 


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Video - Islam in Europe. Excellent speech, by Melanie Phillips

9-11 Do more than never forget - stop Islam!

Another spot on speech from Melanie Phillips, this lady should be the next Prime Minister.

Islam is doing what it is told it must do, dominate the world. They are using our freedoms against us, there is none so stupid as those who refuse to see.

Appeasement is back-door terrorism!!

Muslim Polygamists Exploiting British Welfare System - read here

Another Imam Bites the Dust - by Sultan Knish

Sunday, October 02, 2011

November 2001, Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki of the Falls Church Mosque was busy answering questions for Washington Post readers on its website. Al-Awlaki did his part to assure WaPo readers that Islam was a religion of peace. "The greatest sin in Islam after associating other gods besides Allah is killing an innocent soul."

"I have no sympathy for whoever committed the crimes of September 11th," Al-Awlaki said, and in a Washington Times interview said that, "We want to bring those who had done this to justice."

In the months after his Al-Qaeda colleagues murdered thousands, Al-Awlaki managed to do get himself into every media outlet around. At the end of September 2001, he was at National Geographic with the same message. "There is no way that the people who did this could be Muslim, and if they claim to be Muslim, then they have perverted their religion."

The rest of the spiel was the same. Jihad means struggle. Bin Laden is an extremist. America needs to head off radicalization by listening to the concerns of Muslims about its foreign policy. The same lies you can hardly turn on a television anymore without hearing a Muslim spokesman repeat were all neatly packaged here.

In October, Al-Awlaki assured the New York Times that there would no longer be any tolerance for incitement. "There were some statements that were inflammatory, and were considered just talk, but now we realize that talk can be taken seriously and acted upon in a violent radical way."

And the New York Times' Laurie Goodstein nodded along, accepting this nonsense from the man who would become revealed as the chief propagandist of the Jihad in America. And the Washington Post and National Geographic and NPR and PBS and every liberal media outlet that Al-Awlaki stopped at all bought it.

But there was one thing that Al-Awlaki told the truth about. "The best thing our non-Muslim friends could do is to do some reading of the Quran. The Quran is the center of the religion and by reading it one would be able to get the best explanation of what Islam is about."

Those words were lost on a media and on politicians on the left and the right who had decided that Islam meant peace and that was that. Whose positive relationships with schemers like Al-Awlaki blinded them to the truth of the ideology he represented.

Now nearly ten years after Al-Awlaki was touring media outlets, he's dead. At least if you believe the official kill count and not unnamed Yemeni officials. His extremism validated by no less than the man whom the media anointed to put an end to the Bush era. But there are plenty more Al-Awlakis out there.

It doesn't take much to become Al-Awlaki. Unlike Bin Laden he wasn't a billionaire. His Yemeni ties gave him cover at home, but he didn't need them to become a popular Jihadist preacher in the West. There are thousands more Al-Awlakis working in mosques across America, smiling at reporters and explaining that Islam means peace, Jihad means struggle and terrorism would go away if we all just surrendered to it. The tapes they sell, the books they write and the sermons they preach are something else.

There is a peculiar irony that the media chose an Imam who not only was an Al-Qaeda ally, but had contact with some of the hijackers beforehand, to represent the voice of Islamic moderation after the attacks that his associates carried out. That true moderate Islam that they insist is hiding out of sight among all the little mosques on the prairie. But while the sheer wrongheadedness of the media's choice is staggering, it was only a matter of playing the odds.

Scratch the average Imam, peel back all the programmed responses and you end up with someone who is very much like Al-Awlaki. Your average Imam may not have Al-Qaeda ties, he may not even support Bin Laden, but the odds are excellent that he supports someone like him. In Afghanistan or Iran or Egypt or Israel or anywhere else.

The idea that most Muslims denounce terrorism is as fanciful as the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus dancing a tango. Most Muslims view terrorists the way that most Americans view the army, they may oppose some engagements, but they can no more disavow the Jihadist than they can burn a Koran. And what goes for the average Muslim, goes tenfold for the average Imam who emerges out of a religion where the Jihadist has once again become the standard bearer of the faith.

The vision of an Islam where handing out food to the poor is more important than fighting for the faith is still a delusion in the minds of people who take the Al-Awlakis at their word. Such an Islam has never existed and it is not likely to ever exist until Muslims are forced to make a moral reckoning and come to terms with the cost of their wars. And that will not happen as long as the next Al-Awlaki gets softball questions at NPR or PBS.

After Al-Awlaki went to the big virgin hut in the sky, at his old Falls Church Mosque, the imam and worshipersprayed for Al-Awlaki's soul and warned that those who killed him “need to equally prepare for that moment” when Allah will judge them. Worshipers interviewed emitted the same whines and complaints that have been emitted by them for ten years. All the moans and whines add up to them being the real victims.

The official mosque statement explained that while he was employed there, he "was known for his interfaith outreach, civic engagement, and tolerance in the Northern Virginia community." And also for his bake sales.  Echoing the same Al-Awlaki line, mosque officials condemned the "extra-judicial assassination" without due process and blamed his turn to the dark side on being tortured by Yemeni officials.

Again the same old dirge is playing from the jukeboxes. "We were good people until you made us kill. Until you humiliated us and degraded us, blamed us for killing you, stropped us at airports, shut down our terrorist charities and forced us to live side by side with pig-eaters, dog-washers, homosexuals, Christians and Jews. Look what you made us do now."

Ten years after Al-Awlaki made a mockery of the media, no one in the press has learned anything at all from the experience. The media is too busy debating whether it was legal to kill Al-Awlaki to bother questioning their own premises.

CNN warns that Al-Awlaki's death may spur new attacks against America. Which is true. But that just means killing him has the same effect as letting him live, or putting him on trial or sitting back in our chairs and chewing bubble gum. It doesn't really matter what we do. The terrorists will still keep on trying to kill us.

We're not at war with Islam because there is something wrong with us, but because there's something wrong with them. It's the same something that's been wrong with them long before the Stars and Stripes was waving in the breeze. Centuries after most major religions decided that mass murder wasn't a good way to make friends and influence people-- the Sheikhs and Imams and Mullahs still haven't gotten the message.

The English Mountaineer, George Mallory was asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest and his famous reply was, "Because it's there." That's about the same reason that Muslims want to kill us. Because we're there. Or rather we're here.

Mallory died in the attempt and there is something noble to us about his effort to conquer a great mountain. That is how the Muslim world sees us. We're their Everest. But where Mallory wanted to take a look around and then climb back down, they want to tear down the mountain and plant a green flag on what's left of it.

It's easy enough to deny all this. The conventional wisdom says over and over again that the idea is absurd. Most Muslims just want a house, two cars and a place to raise their children in peace. But if that's so then why is there so damn little peace in the Muslim world. And even more damningly, why is there so little peace in the formerly peaceful places that they move to.

America has a violent history and New York City was considered one of the most violent cities in the country and yet nothing like the September 11 attack numbers had ever piled up. The Harlem Riot of 1964 killed one person. The Muslim massacre of 2001 killed 3,000 people.We're no saints, but Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Buddhists, Zoroastrians and a few hundred others manage to live in one city without blowing up each other's houses of worship. Except for one religion. The peaceful one.

And where do all those peaceful people come from? The ones who ram planes into skyscrapers and plot to blow up synagogues. They come out of mosques where they listen to their Imams and then begin studying maps of bridges, tunnels and buildings. Of course this has nothing to do with Islam, the way that smoke has nothing to do with fire. And if it walks like a duck, it's bound to be anything but a member of that species. But just to be on the safe side, we should start appeasing them anyway.

Whether Anwar Al-Awlaki is dead or lives on makes only so much difference. Any Imam who can rattle off the Koranic verses on Jihad and tie it together with a New York Times article on how evil America is can be the next Al-Awlaki. And most of them can. One Imam bites the dust, but in the mega-mosques of cities and towns, the voices of his successors rise and fall. "Allah Akbar. Follow in the way of the Prophet. Death to the unbelievers. Paradise waits for the martyrs who walk in the way of Jihad."

From NY to Jerusalem,

Covers the Stories
Behind the News

FOX Parrots Arab Propaganda: “Occupied East Jerusalem”

Debbie Schlussel
FOX News found an interesting way to wish a Happy Rosh HaShanah to its politically conservative Jewish viewers . . . by designating Jerusalem as “Jewish-occupied territory.”
Over the weekend, FOX News Chief Roger Ailes gave an interview in which, among other things, he said that FOX News is veering away from its conservatism to become more “mainstream” and “moderate.”  And, apparently, part of that new era of “moderation” is calling the capital of the Jewish State of Israel, “Occupied East Jerusalem,”on the eve of the Jewish New Year holiday.
The attacks on Israel continue:
Solution found:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that in order to solve the Israel-Palestinian conflict, the “Palestinians should go home,” — to Jordan?

Shock Photos: Candidate Obama Appeared And Marched With New Black Panther Party in 2007

by Andrew Breitbart

New photographs obtained exclusively by BigGovernment.com reveal that Barack Obama appeared and marched with members of the New Black Panther Party as he campaigned for president in Selma, Alabama in March 2007.
The photographs, captured from a Flickr photo-sharing account before it was scrubbed, are the latest evidence of the mainstream media’s failure to examine Obama’s extremist ties and radical roots.
In addition, the new images raise questions about the possible motives of the Obama administration in its infamous decision to drop the prosecution of the Panthers for voter intimidation.
The images, presented below, also renew doubts about the transparency of the White House’s guest logs–in particular, whether Panther National Chief Malik Zulu Shabazz is the same “Malik Shabazz” listed among the Obama administration’s early visitors.
Tomorrow, J. Christian Adams, the Department of Justice whistleblower in the New Black Panther Party case, will release his new book, Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department(Regnery).
The book exposes Obama administration corruption far beyond the Panther dismissal, and reveals how the institutional Left has turned the power of the DOJ into an ideological weapon.
Adams’s book also describes, in detail, the Selma march at which then-Senator Obama was joined by a group of Panthers who had come to support his candidacy.
Among those appearing with Obama was Shabazz, the Panther leader who was one of the defendants in the voter intimidation case that Attorney General Eric Holder dismissed. Also present was the Panthers’ “Minister of War,” Najee Muhammed, who had called for murdering Dekalb County, Georgia, police officers with AK-47’s and then mocking their widows in this video (7:20 – 8:29).
Injustice includes a disturbing photo of Shabazz and the Panthers marching behind Obama with raised fists in the “Black Power” salute.
There are even more photographs.
I have learned that Regnery initially received approval from a person who took pictures of the events in Selma to publish these additional photographs in Injustice.
After the photographer wrote Regnery reversing his permission to include the photographs in Injustice, the images were removed from the photographer’s Flickr account.  Yet we were able to capture them before they disappeared.
The photographs show Obama sharing the same podium at the event with the Panthers.
In the first image, Shabazz stands at the podium, surrounded by uniformed Panthers, including Muhammed. In the second photograph, Obama commands the same podium.
Here are the images:
The First Amendment allows photographs of such enormous public importance to see the light of day.Cases, including one involving skimpy photographs of Miss Puerto Rico, have established that fair use and the First Amendment allow publication of these photos.
It is true that then-Senator Hillary Clinton and Al Sharpton were also in Selma at the same event. But the Panthers explicitly came to Selma to support Obama, as Adams details in Injustice.
They spoke with Obama at the podium shown above, and departed together with Obama for the main march itself, as shown by this grainer image captured from YouTube:
Obama seems not to be reviled by the Panthers in any of the video or photographs. And Obama’s owncampaign website would post an endorsement by the New Black Panther Party in March 2008.  As Adams writes in Injustice:
Somehow, the fact that the future President of the United States shared a podium with leaders of the New Black Panthers, marched with them, and received a public, formal greeting from their party has vanished from the history of Obama’s campaign. Apart from [Juan] Williams’ single dispatch, no other media outlets ever reported it.
After NPR initially reported that the Panthers were present at the event with Obama, subsequent reports from Selma omitted any mention of the hate group appearing with the future President.
Had any of Obama’s opponents appeared at an event with the KKK or Aryan Nation, The New York Times would have had to double its ink buy.
Obama’s appearance does much more than expose mainstream media hypocrisy. It also exposes an association between a vile racist organization and a future President of the United States. Only the degree of association is subject to debate.
And only a few voices outside the mainstream media have continued to press the Obama administration about its past and present ties to fringe groups.
I have been calling for the White House to disclose which Malik Shabazz visited the private White House residence on July 25, 2009, two months after the DOJ voter intimidation case was dismissed.  So far, the White House has refused to do so, leaving open the question of which “Malik Shabazz” appears in visitor logs released to the public.
To reiterate: nobody, including Adams, is suggesting that Obama is a secret member of the New Black Panther Party. At a minimum, however, the events in Selma expose the media double standard that has buried this story until this week.
The mainstream media should ask Obama a few questions before they rush to his defense:
What did he and Malik Zulu Shabazz say when they conversed that day–something that Shabazz has said happened?
Did the Obama campaign play any role in having the Panthers travel to support his presidential ambitions?
Who posted the Panthers’ endorsement on the Obama campaign’s website, and at whose instructions?
Who–finally–was the Malik Shabazz who visited the White House residence on July 25, 2009?

Remember Acorn, Black Panthers and Voter Fraud tied to the last elections?!   Just saying ......

Dear Palestinian Authority - You can't say we didn't warn you!

Note: When the PA decided to go before the UN for statehood against all pleadings and warnings from the US, Abbas mocked the US and refused to cooperate (as it does with Israel); in August, members of Congress stated they would stop all aid to your organization if you refused to adhere to the requests by the US, so why is anyone surprised today that Congress has pushed forward its bill to stop aiding the Palestinian Authority?  Stick to your guns, Congress! You will be giving the PA's what they requested - "Independence".  


Ashton Vows Aid for PA Amid US Cuts

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton vowed to keep Ramallah on the dole as the US Congress blocks $200 million in aid payments.
By Gavriel Queenann
First Publish: 10/3/2011, 6:35 PM
Catherine Ashton
Catherine Ashton
Wikimedia Common
European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton raced to assure Palestinian Authority officials they were still on the EU dole.

“Ashton informed Abbas that the EUprojects to the PA and the Palestinians which are carried out in the Palestinian Territories, won’t be frozen due to the PA Leader move at the UN,” the Arabic-language Al-Quds newspaper reported, citing sources close to PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Ashton's assurances come on the heels of reports the United States Congress was blocking the transfer of $200 million to cash-strapped officials in Ramallah due to Abbas' statehood gambit at the United Nations.
The Congressional freeze for the latest block of US aid dollars - which total an average $600 million per annum - was first reported on Saturday by the UK-daily The Independent.

The report remained unconfirmed until Monday, when US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta criticized the Congressional move during a Tel Aviv press conference with Israeli counterpart Ehud Barak.

"This is a critical time and it is not a time to withhold those funds," he said.
"The administration opposes holding these funds from the Palestinians,"  Panetta said, insisting the funds have helped improve Israel's security.

PA Minister of Planning Ali Jirbawi told the PA-run WAFA news agency that the US Congress's decision to halt US aid to Ramallah has not yet been issued to Palestinian officials, but played down the significance of such a move.
"The Palestinian Authority is fully ready to embody the reality of a state," Jirbawi said, insisting there was a difference between financial crisis the PA faces and its readiness for statehood.

However, Jihad al-Wazir, the PA's top monetary official, warned last month that a cessation of foreign aid from the United States could lead to fiscal ruin and collapse for Ramallah

The Arab League on Sunday asked its member states to increase financial help to the Palestinians after the reported US block on the transfer of funds, AFP reported.

The Arab League's chief called the bolstering of financial aid necessary for the Palestinians to "face this threat."

Panetta: "You all ready for this?" - Obama Administration's "new" Parrot

You all ready for this?

Panetta: Congress decision to freeze PA aid a mistake

US Defense Secretary meets Minister Ehud Barak, says this isn't right time to prevent transfer of funds to Palestinians. Referring to Jonathan Pollard, Panetta repeats Obama statement against release
Yoav Zitun
Published: 10.03.11, 14:34 / Israel News
US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Monday that Congress's decision to freeze $200 million in aid to the Palestinians was a mistake. Panetta, who is visiting Israel for the first time since he assumed the role of US defense secretary, also noted that any Israeli strike on Iran must be coordinated with countries in the region.

In a press conference with Minister Ehud Barak at the Defense Ministry offices in Tel Aviv, Panetta said that this, "a critical time," was not the time to withhold funds from the PA. He added that both Israel and the Palestinians benefit from the aid transfer, noting that positive outcomes from the investment had been observed.

Related stories:

The defense secretary, who is also scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Egyptian leaders, addressed the issue of Jonathan Pollard's release from prison, and Ilan Grapel's incarceration in Egypt. He said he could not address Grapel's release until he arrives in Egypt but noted that he hoped the dual US-Israeli citizen will be released soon.
Referring to the Iranian threat, Panetta said that the world must make the Iranians understand that in order to become part of the international community they must stop their nuclear program and the funding of terror groups.

Panetta and Barak in Tel Aviv (Photo: Ofer Amram)
Panetta and Barak in Tel Aviv (Photo: Ofer Amram)

Regarding Pollard, he said the issue was sensitive, noting that Obama had said that the US stance on the matter is not to allow the release of a convicted spy.

Referring to the Iranian threat, Panetta said that the world must make the Iranians understand that in order to become part of the international community they must stop their nuclear program and the funding of terror groups.

 Addressing unrest in Damascus, the defense secretary noted that Syrian President Bashar Assad has lost his legitimacy. He noted that the international community and the US have agreed that Assad must step aside, and stressed that the US will continue to pressure Damascus into removing Assad from power and establishing a more responsible government.

Minister Barak noted that the US was Israel's best friend despite occasional disagreements. He added that Jerusalem hopes that the special relationship between the two nations, which is based on mutual values, will continue. Barak also said that President Barack Obama has recently showed true and unconditional support of Israel.

On Sunday, Panetta warned Israel that it was becoming increasingly isolated in the Middle East. He added Israeli leaders must restart negotiations with the Palestinians and work to restore relations with Egypt and Turkey.

In a blunt assessment made as he was traveling to Israel, Panetta said the ongoing upheaval in the Middle East makes it critical for the Israelis to find ways to communicate with other nations in the region in order to have stability.

It is interesting that Penetta had to travel half way across the world to inform Israel that "Congress has made a mistake withholding aid to the Palestinians".  Of course, Ms. Clinton has the same opinion, which means the Obama administration is not too pleased with the latest actions by Congress to prevent these thugs and bullies from collecting MILLIONS of American taxpayers' dollars, while the PA's continue to mock America.  (Way to go, Congress!)

Penetta's message to Israel is the same old message this administration has been giving for the past 3 years - time to change the tone and the tune, don't you think?  Or, hasn't it occurred to anyone yet, that Americans are not pleased with the on-going biased agenda, favoring the Arab Muslim's over our ally, Israel.

Congress - keep up the good work!