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Special privileges for Obama's illegal immigrant relatives - "Heck yes we can!" (gain asylum in US)

President Obama's aunt Zeituni Onyango, an illegal immigrant living in public housing, is unapologetic about her situation and says her nephew hasn't been helping her fight to stay in the US. An immigration judge granted her asylum this year. - Sept. 2, 2010

Rep. King Upset With Amnesty for Obama Uncle

Saturday, 10 Sep 2011 11:13 AM
By Amy Woods - NEWSMAX

An incensed congressman from Iowa wants the House Judiciary Committee to subpoena President Barack Obama’s recently arrested uncle, according to a statement issued by Rep. Steve King.

King also renewed his urgent calls for congressional hearings into Obama’s new program granting amnesty to those in the country illegally.
obama amnesty omar uncle“On Aug. 29, Congressman King suggested that drunken ‘Uncle Omar’ Obama could be the first beneficiary of the president’s new Executive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens program,” communications director John Kennedy said in a press release.

“With today’s revelations, it appears that Congressman King’s suspicions were correct, and that the Obama administration may have used the new rules to grant amnesty to the president’s uncle.”

King issued an official statement Friday in the wake of media reports that Obama’s uncle, Omar Onyango Obama, was released from the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “Uncle Omar” was being held subject to a 1992 deportation order, which was uncovered following his arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence, driving to endanger, and failing to use a turn signal, according to the press release.

In his statement, King said, “President Obama's uncle, ‘Uncle Omar,’ has been picked up for drunken driving with almost twice the blood-alcohol level that is allowable by law in Massachusetts,” the statement read. “It’ll be the third time that he’s been interdicted with regard to being an illegal immigrant. He’s twice before been adjudicated for deportation, this time Immigration and Customs Enforcement just released him, after they had him in custody, as if he’s not going to be a danger to our society.

“The special privileges for the president’s family who are illegal immigrants, this is the second one,” King continued in the statement. “His ‘Aunt Zeituni’ was also picked up as an illegal immigrant and finally granted an asylum by ICE, by the Department of Homeland Security. We need to have Congressional hearings into favorite treatment of the White House.

"This executive amnesty that the president has ordered, that they’re not going to enforce immigration law, and who pops up first? Drunken ‘Uncle Omar.’ I want to subpoena drunken ‘Uncle Omar’ to come into the House Judiciary Committee along with his attorney, who’s the same attorney that President Obama’s ‘Aunt Zeituni’ had that got her asylum.”

The statement concluded, “We must enforce our immigration laws, and we must enforce those immigration laws equally across all society. Justice has got to be blind, it can’t play favorites, and I want to have hearings in the House Judiciary Committee over drunken ‘Uncle Omar.’ ”

The “Uncle Omar” controversy marks the second time a relative of Obama’s has appeared to benefit from preferential treatment, the press release said. In 2010, Zeituni Onyango, the president’s aunt, had a deportation order overturned.

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