Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011: Who "Sparked" the Fuel of War?

Response to the following Email received today:
I came to this by accident but couldn't leave without commenting. I find this site to be filled with hatred and is akin to the hatred preached by Islamic fundamentalists. With sites like this there will NEVER be peace because they only serve to spark the fuel of war. I can only hope that you either close this site or endeavour to show more compassion and understanding.  .... ........ ..Anonymous - London, UK
Real Americans Defend Israel
by Bee Sting
September 11, 2011

The day is ending and America will shortly be able to move forward again, after paying tribute to all who sacrificed their lives ten years ago 9/11, until we begin planning for next year's Memorial on September 11, 2012.  As an American, a patriot, a Conservative, and one who learned everything she needed to know about Isalm on September 11th, I wish to respond to "Anonymous".

Did you watch those planes filled with fuel hit those towers? the Pentagon? and another plane, traveling over 500 mph strike the ground in Pennsylvania?  Did you hear our President announce that America was at war - a "War on Terrorism"?  Ten years have passed and the war is ongoing; Americans still live under the constant threat of another attack by Islamic Jihadist - so, while moving forward, we are ever vigilant to remember the past.

Islam struck the match that lit the fuel of war - not America and not Americans.

All compassion and understanding is devoted in every breath I take to defend my country; to speak out against tyranny and hatefulness; to support the laws of our land; to refuse to be silent when an ideology filled with hatred and anti-Semitism since its founding in the 7th Century attacks not only America, but every democratic society in the world to propagate hate.  So much hate that its own individual Muslim citizens are not safe from its sharia laws and even now, behead women for the sin of adultery, mutilate its citizens for lesser crimes, attach suicide bombs to women and children to attack innocent people, and the list is never-ending of the forms of terrorism this same ideology inflicts throughout the world.

Compassion? For who dear Anonymous? For murders?  For haters who refuse to contribute anything to this world except pain?

Understanding? What don't we understand about 9/11 and the war brought upon America by Islam?  Our leaders understood so well, our men and women have been shedding their blood on the fields of battle for the past ten years, while the enemy grow poppies and accept billions of dollars from Americans to sustain their nasty habits, while murdering our troops.

During today's Memorial services, it was clearly centered around "sacrifice". Over 43,000 soldiers have returned disabled in this war on terror.  Over 7,000 died in foreign lands.  Over 3,000 children lost a parent on 9/11 in those burning buildings and planes. Did you hear those same children speak today about how much they miss their father or mother?  More pain and grief and its ongoing - never-ending.

Since the last thing posted this morning was a "Jewish reflection on 9/ll with a beautiful musical video" I must surmise that whoever you are and wherever you are, you are not compassionate towards the Jews or Israel.  I must guess that what truly disturbs you is the fact that an American supports Israel.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you cannot see the beauty of the music, the videos, the compassion for our ally Israel and the love for America, then your eyes are upon those who hate all that remains beautiful and dear sir/madam, not even 9/11's act of war had damaged the ability for Americans to regroup, grow and blossom, just as our Israeli friends do, while they, too, are under the constant threat and attacks by terrorists.

There are numerous websites that devote their attention to the persecution of Christians, or have a series on Christian persecution throughout predominately Muslim countries; there are thousands of links devoted to exposing the lies of Islam (check out my links on the home page, just to mention a few); the most brilliant writers and authors are posted here daily; the facts of Islam are revealed in their own words, in numerous videos - straight out of the horse's mouth - which makes it difficult to refute, doesn't it?

Please note Fresno Zionism article today in explaining Arab rage.  He noted that when he googled 
 ‘Egyptian antisemitic cartoons’. I got 152,000 images. I picked one that was colorful, though not as bloody as most of them."  Here's what he chose in case you don't have the energy to check it out":
Egyptian caricature of Avigdor Lieberman as a Nazi pig
Egyptian caricature of Avigdor Lieberman as a Nazi pig
 Did the Egyptians decide to post hundereds of thousand anti-Jew, anti-Israel cartoons mocking the Jews because they came across this website?  Hardly!  Do the Muslims follow the Koran and obey Allah, or do they listen to one American posting facts on 'Real Americans Defend Israel"?  This website was not up and running on 9/11/01, so can't blame a blog for Muslims hatred towards the United States.  This blog was not created during the eight years the Palestinians attacked Israel from the Gaza strip.  I don't think the Palestinian hatred towards all Jews caused two young Palestinians to murder almost an entire family in the dead of night earlier this year; or murder a teenage Israeli boy on his way home from school a few months back because an American supports Israel.  On the contrary, Islam has hated the Jews, murder and steal their land and holy sites ever since it began its onslaught against all non-Muslims.  (Just as it hopes to do in America - can you say "Victory" mosque?!)  You do not realize it yet, but you lost - mosque or no mosque - Americans will not be subdued by Islam.

In closing, I will give you the REAL reason why there is conflict in the Middle East and why there will NEVER be peace in the Middle East.  It will demonstrate to you that the lack of peace is due to the mind-set of Muslims/Palestinians and their hatred.  
Uploaded by  on Mar 25, 2011
A young Palestinian woman, disguised as pregnant, was sent to blow up an hospital in Israel. Her explosive device was found during a routine security check at Erez checkpoint.
I basically played the same trick she did and disguised my video as pro-Palestinian.
The original untranslated version of this video:
Pregnant Palestinian woman interrogated by the IDF
That same suicide bomber - the lady from the Gaza Strip, so anxious to blow up a hospital in Israel, was treated for burns the year before in an Israeli hospital!  Ungrateful?  Not at all,  not in her eyes!  She has been trained under the Koran that murder is sanctioned and blessed by Allah, if it means wiping out the infidels and we're all "infidels" under the teachings of Islam's Koran. 

And that is why there shall be no peace in the Middle East until the Arab Muslims recognize Israel's right to exist and stop teaching their children to hate.  The hypocrisy of Islam becoming outraged over a few cartoons, when they waste all their energy on propaganda and lies, against Israel and all who live in non-Muslim countries.

I suggest, dear Anonymous, that you open your eyes and begin studying the REAL history of the Middle East and Islam - then you will know without a doubt, why this blog will continue speaking out against those who promote terrorism across the globe in the name of their god Allah.  The Muslims lit a match, fueled a war against America, and Americans have responded - end of story.

Just a side note - I hear the UK has a huge Muslim problem (the place you are writing from), as does all of Europe.  I see in the news that the Muslims in London were burning the American flag to rejoice on 9/11 that America was attacked by Muslims. (Some things never change!) The European countries are slowly waking up - may what has happened to them be a warning to the US (and UK).

I will close with a beautiful, soothing video.  God bless America and Israel, forever and always. Amen!

Yaakov Shwekey-Ki Hashem