Friday, July 15, 2011

Videos: A Few Historic Facts and Hamas, in Their Own Voice

A Few Historic Facts

Understanding UN Bias Against Israel -- 

Invitation to Durban 3 NYC 

Sept 21

Hamas In Their Own Voices

Americans - The motley crew behind Durban III is NOT just against Israel - they are against the West and yet, the United States is allowing these rag-tag UN speakers visit America in September to give hypocritical, propaganda speeches against America's ally.  It is a disgrace to all that America stands for to allow such hate to step foot on our soil, be privy to our media, and give the top security during their visit; when they would just as eagerly strike Americans as they do/would the Israelis.
If anyone is in the New York City area on Sept. 21st, I do hope you would consider joining the supporters of Israel.  Supporting Israel's democracy is to support America's democracy - something the Durban III crowd mocks and scoffs at - hear Hamas speak in their own voice?  That is the type of speech which will be delivered at the Durban III conference.

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