Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous

Why Blog? I’ll Tell You Why!

why-notThe word “blog” is one of the most popular words on the internet today. This buzz word is one of the most popularly searched terms on the net because increasing numbers of people are trying to figure out what blogging is all about. A blog is a web log, or an online public diary or journal that is written for others to read. You can create blogs for personal reasons, educational and informational reasons, business and corporate reasons or a multitude of other uses and purposes depending on what suits your fancy.
As a marketing tool, blogs are full of all kinds of potential. Blogs have some truly unique characteristics as a marketing tool. First of all, they are much easier than newsletters when it comes to getting your idea across. They can be added to, and they can be updated at any time and from virtually anywhere. Blogs also have long lasting shelf lives, as they exist on the internet until you decide to remove them. This contrasts well to newsletters which have extremely short shelf lives, because once you send it out, it’s sent, then trashed, and gone. Unless you are just posting marketing materials that are deglossed, most blogs offer a large amount of credibility. Whether your blog is a personal blog or a business blog, viewers come to blogs expecting to find frank and personal perspectives on a topic that you are passionate about.
If you maintain your viewers and you respect the idea that you should be passionate about the content of your blog, then your credibility will go up, and this is what blogging is truly all about. Blogs are easy to syndicate, meaning that you can get your information and opinions out there, and can allow them to spread like wildfire. If you have an opinion to share, a product to sell, a brand to market or something else to say on the internet, and you think that people are going to want to read what it is that you have to say, then blogging is an excellent option for you to consider.
If you do not already have a blog that is associated with your business or your website, then now may very well be an excellent time for you to start blogging. You should not think that blogging is unnecessary simply because you are employing other strategies for marketing or communicating online. There are completely different dynamics when it comes to e-mail communication and blogging. Nothing facilitates conversation, communication and community the way that blogging does. There is no confusion about blogging being spam the way e-mails can be looked at as spam. Blogs have a long shelf life, meaning they last longer than e-mail correspondence and blogs work very well in conjunction with other forms of communication and methods of marketing as well.
So the answer to “Why Blog?” is “Why Not?”
Note:   Everyone who maintains a blog understands one thing - it is a very time-consuming endeavor.  Hours are spent researching, finding the best way to share ideas and that is usually done by finding the most reliable websites and authors who express the thoughts and news that isn't shared on the Main Stream Media.
Conservative blogs have not sold their souls to to the devil - they are searching for a truth not often expressed in our local and national newspapers, which explains the reason behind our passion to share thoughts Americans notice have gone AWOL among our leaders in Washington and its paid-for liberal media.
The title of this blog is self-explanatory.  Can't get any plainer!  I am an American who supports the freedoms of America and also, America's ally, Israel.  Managing this blog is one of the freedoms all Americans enjoy - the freedom of speech.  Before setting up this blog, I posted on national newspapers for approximately four years, but that freedom is slowly being taken away, as the newspapers are for the most part "liberal" and its monitors allow the liberals free speech while removing comments posted by conservatives.  (Which explains why I am committed to this blog -  free to post what interests me and readers from 194 countries, with a readership of over 111,000 interested folks).
That being said, due to the time searching for interesting articles and essays, I do not have the time to respond to those who prefer remaining "anonymous", posting personal attacks or hate mail, spam and certainly not going to allow my blog to be turned into an anti-Semitic platform.  No indeed! I learned quickly that by giving into such nonsense, there was no time to manage the blog.
So, for those who are not pleased with these articles, or my opinions, I suggest you will be far more comfortable posting on a blog that holds to your personal interests, because you won't be using this blog to rant and rave, and whine like that fellow in the White House.  Better yet, why not run your own blog - you will then enjoy the same freedom I enjoy - at your own time and expense and our time is valuable.
Someone offered to pay me today, if I would allow their "client" to post their own "links" in the body of my posts.  Well, where would be the freedom of running my blog if there are preset conditions?  Not enough tea in China to make me jump at that offer!  Whoever the "client" is, he/she needs to simply post on their own blog with the same passion and conviction we, here, at Real Americans Defend Israel demonstrate.
Happy blogging!
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