Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BREAKING: "Hamas Continues Offensive" (How long Israel? How long?!)

Seven Mortars Hit South as Hamas Continues Offensive

by Gil Ronen
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Hamas-ruled Gaza fired seven mortar shells at Israeli population centers Wednesday morning. The shells exploded within the boundaries of the Eshkol local authority, which adjoins the northeastern part of Gaza. They did not hurt anyone or cause any damage to structures.
The mortar barrage followed the launch of a Grad missile at Be'er Sheva earlier this morning. One person was moderately wounded. 
Schools in Be'er Sheva were closed Wednesday following the Grad attack. 
A Grad was also fired at Ashdod Tuesday. Following that attack, an IAF aircraft attacked a terrorist cell in northern Gaza and identified a hit on target.
Hamas has considerably stepped up its missile attacks on Israeli civilians in the past week. Some analysts see the belligerence as an attempt to divert Gazans' attention away from demonstrations in favor of a reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah. Others see it as a result of Hama's heightened confidence following recent events in Egypt.


Does it really matter what the reasons for Hamas stepping up their missile attacks?  Do they think they are immune from Israel defending their citizens?!  If so, why? As I mentioned earlier, these attacks take a heavy toll from the children (and their parents) who must hide under desks, beds and now, schools are closed today due to this attack!  How long, Israel? How long?