Monday, October 3, 2011

Panetta: "You all ready for this?" - Obama Administration's "new" Parrot

You all ready for this?

Panetta: Congress decision to freeze PA aid a mistake

US Defense Secretary meets Minister Ehud Barak, says this isn't right time to prevent transfer of funds to Palestinians. Referring to Jonathan Pollard, Panetta repeats Obama statement against release
Yoav Zitun
Published: 10.03.11, 14:34 / Israel News
US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Monday that Congress's decision to freeze $200 million in aid to the Palestinians was a mistake. Panetta, who is visiting Israel for the first time since he assumed the role of US defense secretary, also noted that any Israeli strike on Iran must be coordinated with countries in the region.

In a press conference with Minister Ehud Barak at the Defense Ministry offices in Tel Aviv, Panetta said that this, "a critical time," was not the time to withhold funds from the PA. He added that both Israel and the Palestinians benefit from the aid transfer, noting that positive outcomes from the investment had been observed.

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The defense secretary, who is also scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Egyptian leaders, addressed the issue of Jonathan Pollard's release from prison, and Ilan Grapel's incarceration in Egypt. He said he could not address Grapel's release until he arrives in Egypt but noted that he hoped the dual US-Israeli citizen will be released soon.
Referring to the Iranian threat, Panetta said that the world must make the Iranians understand that in order to become part of the international community they must stop their nuclear program and the funding of terror groups.

Panetta and Barak in Tel Aviv (Photo: Ofer Amram)
Panetta and Barak in Tel Aviv (Photo: Ofer Amram)

Regarding Pollard, he said the issue was sensitive, noting that Obama had said that the US stance on the matter is not to allow the release of a convicted spy.

Referring to the Iranian threat, Panetta said that the world must make the Iranians understand that in order to become part of the international community they must stop their nuclear program and the funding of terror groups.

 Addressing unrest in Damascus, the defense secretary noted that Syrian President Bashar Assad has lost his legitimacy. He noted that the international community and the US have agreed that Assad must step aside, and stressed that the US will continue to pressure Damascus into removing Assad from power and establishing a more responsible government.

Minister Barak noted that the US was Israel's best friend despite occasional disagreements. He added that Jerusalem hopes that the special relationship between the two nations, which is based on mutual values, will continue. Barak also said that President Barack Obama has recently showed true and unconditional support of Israel.

On Sunday, Panetta warned Israel that it was becoming increasingly isolated in the Middle East. He added Israeli leaders must restart negotiations with the Palestinians and work to restore relations with Egypt and Turkey.

In a blunt assessment made as he was traveling to Israel, Panetta said the ongoing upheaval in the Middle East makes it critical for the Israelis to find ways to communicate with other nations in the region in order to have stability.

It is interesting that Penetta had to travel half way across the world to inform Israel that "Congress has made a mistake withholding aid to the Palestinians".  Of course, Ms. Clinton has the same opinion, which means the Obama administration is not too pleased with the latest actions by Congress to prevent these thugs and bullies from collecting MILLIONS of American taxpayers' dollars, while the PA's continue to mock America.  (Way to go, Congress!)

Penetta's message to Israel is the same old message this administration has been giving for the past 3 years - time to change the tone and the tune, don't you think?  Or, hasn't it occurred to anyone yet, that Americans are not pleased with the on-going biased agenda, favoring the Arab Muslim's over our ally, Israel.

Congress - keep up the good work!