Sunday, September 4, 2011

The White Mountains Family Weekend (photos, videos included)

Silly Faces!
Blade with his Dad, Mark

Have you ever noticed how quickly time passes when you take a spur of the moment two-day vacation?  The White Mountains is merely a hop, skip and a jump away from my home, but when surrounded with the absolute beauty of creation, in both the sights and sounds of the mountains, rivers and delightful places to visit - unique shops, restaurants,and attractions for the children, and having the pleasure of sharing all with a 5-year old grandson - words cannot express how satisfying it is to spend precious moments with loved ones.
New Hampshire morning!

We stayed a a comfortable Inn, which included amenities that complete anyone's vacation (if you enjoy swimming), and the  two swimming pools and saunas are quite important, since New England weather changes so quickly!  However, the weather was beautiful, sunny and warmer than usual for this time of year - perfect for taking in a visit to Clark's Trading Post - "Home of Clark's trained bears and the White Mountain Central Railroad.

Americana Museum at Clark's Trading Post

Clark's Trading Post  and Americana Museum

White Mountain Central Railroad Days

Revel in the rich history of railroading for a weekend of special excursions on the White Mountain Central Railroad. Rail fans can ride steam locomotives and see rare and unique equipment on display.

There are two new bear cubs at Clark's - Tula and Mishka:

Mishka was born on January 11, 2010, in Glenville, MN. Tula was born on January 18, 2010, on Martin Luther King Day, at Brown's Oakridge Zoo, in Smithfield, IL  

Our family have been visiting this area yearly for the past 40 years and three generations have grown to appreciate the wildlife and bears living in New Hampshire and of course, the live bear shows at Clark's.

One of the greatest attractions for children at Clark's is taking a "steam-powered journey through history" and being chased down those tracks by "the Wolfman"!

As the grandchildren grew older, one by one, their interests grew and new journeys await each of them; some even laugh when I talk about taking another trip to Lincoln, as they have outgrown childish things and comment that they are bored with Lincoln's "playgrounds".  Ah ha - I smile and think, just wait until they have their own families; and then, they will probably take their children back to Lincoln ... to the bears and trains, and fun by the swimming pool.  Because, for me, each trip brings back memories of the days when not only I was much younger, but also, when each of the grandchildren were younger ... memories that never grow old, are cherished, and are the bonding cement to the love we hold together today, from yesterday's vacations in the mountains. And now, here are a few photos of this weekend's holiday:

Face-painting ... like the "Wolf man!"

Snacking after walking along the "Pemi" river 

Blade's parents - Mark (my oldest son) and Jeannette

Chicken fingers taste better when sitting on a rock in the middle of a river!

The end of a very busy day!


Vacations remind us to "Be Happy - don't worry" ... stay focused on the important things in life and no matter our circumstances, it is so important to take time to smell the roses, do a little swimming, notice our surroundings and thank our Creator for all the beauty in this world.

Bee Sting 

(Blade's "Grammy")