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שיר לראש השנה \ A SONG FOR ROSH HASHANA - by Yifatne

 Assaf Naveh
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שמחה לארצך
מילים: על פי תפילת העמידה בימים הנוראים לחן: אסף נוה שלום

תן כבוד ה' לעמך,
תהילה ליראיך,
ותקווה טובה לדורשך
ופתחון פה למייחלים לך.

שמחה לארצך וששון לעירך
וצמיחת קרן לדוד עבדך.

שמחה לארצך -
תקווה טובה לדורשך,
ששון לירושלים עירך
ופתחון פה

Shana Tova!  I want to share something personal about the Israeli singing this song.  We met almost two years ago, when I sent a thank you to "yifantne" for uploading this song.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered he was also the singer.  His voice is pure and his songs are sung from the heart.  He has produced, I believe, over 4 CD's since we first met and has sent me one of his 3 Vol. sets.  And when I informed him that my husband was ill last year, he immediately sent me one of the most beautiful letters I have ever received and informed me that he and his family were praying for us.  Whenever I play one of his songs, I am always touched by the beauty and love shared by someone who truly touched me and my husband's hearts and the memory of the kindness of my friend.
This is the Israel I wish everyone could know - this is the joy Israel shares with even "strangers" - and this young man represents the very soul of Israel.

SHABBAT SHALOM ידיד נפש/ אסף נוה שלום Yedid Nefesh

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