Thursday, September 15, 2011

Live Blog - Protest at Israeli Embassy in Amman, Jordan

FILE - Jordanian protesters burn the Israeli flag as they hold Jordanian and Palestinian flags near the Israeli embassy in Amman June 3, 2011.  ReutersThursday, September 15, 2011

Challah Hu Akbar 
In the early evening a scheduled protest began outside the Israeli Embassy in Amman, Jordan.

Here is a live-blog, which I will try to updated every couple of minutes as reports come from
 those on site. Click F5 to refresh the page. Updates will be at the bottom of the page.

Israeli Embassy Israel Jordan Amman Palestine Palestinian Protest

Thus far it seems that somewhere between 300-700 people are outside the Embassy, which is being guarded by Jordanian Police. All staff members were evacuated upon orders from Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Israeli Embassy Israel Jordan Amman Palestine Palestinian Protest

On Facebook, a Jordanian has offered $8000 to the person who tears down the Israeli flag.
Reports indicate that protesters have already burned Israeli flags that they brought to the protest.

Israeli Embassy Israel Jordan Amman Palestine Palestinian Protest
Some witnesses are reporting that the chants of the protesters are being drowned out by 
music being played by an adjacent house.

Israeli Embassy Israel Jordan Amman Palestine Palestinian Protest

Jordanian security forces and the protesters have begun to clash. The protesters are trying to get past the barriers set up by Jordanian authorities. The protesters are reportedly hundred of metersaway from the embassy itself.

The Islamists were not included in the 300-700 people, however, reports are now that they have
 joined the demonstration. Some Jordanian activists on twitter are voicing their disgust, worried
 their protest will be hijacked.

The crowd has reportedly grown significantly over the past 20 minutes. As I mentioned before Islamists have joined in. Activists on twitter saying the chants are not enough and that they
 need to emulate the Egyptian people.

The protesters have filed a complaint against the man who is blasting music. Supposedly the
 music being played includes lyrics praising Jordan's King Abdullah.

The chants from the protesters include ones such as "No Zionist Embassy on Jordanian Land."

Clashes between the protesters and the security forces continue. The crowd is growing by the minute.

Estimates are now putting the crowd at around 1000. It is said to be a diverse  crowd.

Some of the protesters are complaining that the chants are becoming redundant. 

The majority of the protesters are said to be people in their 20's and 30's who view themselves as socialists. The Islamists are the minority and have called on the people to unite, however, they arebeing snickered at. The Islamists seem to have separated and are beginning to pray.

A new chant from the protesters is "No Embassy for the Rats." They are also calling for the end of the peace treaty between Israel and Jordan.

Those on twitter are complaining about the Islamists. The protests seem to be on a bit of a break while prayers take place.

Some are saying the protest is over. Fail?

It may not be over, clashes are continuing.

Or maybe it has one protester writes:
Having been to at least 50 protests I've concluded that if it's one thing we have in common is we don't know how to put on a protest in #jo
The protesters and security forces continue to clash. 

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