Saturday, September 10, 2011

Egyptians Enjoying Arab Spring - By Planck's Constant

Egyptians protest outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo after tearing down a concrete protection wall nearby
Egyptians protest outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo after tearing down a concrete protection wall nearby


Here, in the photo above, we see the fruits of President Obama's efforts to bring much-needed change to the Middle East.

Israel's embassy in Cairo has been stormed by protesters who tore down one of the outer embassy walls and threw thousands of documents from the embassy's windows.
The angry Egyptians also replaced the neighbouring country's flag with their own after breaking in on Friday night.
The group had left a mass rally at nearby Tahrir Square, where organised protesters called for reforms by the military, which now governs Egypt.
"Thousands of documents were being thrown out of the windows, but it's unclear which floor they were coming from," our correspondent Sherine Tadros said.
"Indications are that it's pretty much a chaotic situation. Protesters set on fire two police vehicles."
Sources at the Egyptian interior ministry told Al Jazeera that up to 300 people had been injured as the result of clashes around the embassy, and one died of a heart attack.

I would like to point out that while Al Jazeera reports that the military now governs Egypt, it is obvious that the military did not interfere; the military police nearby did nothing to stop the attack.
I wonder if this will be the modus operandi by the military when Muslim mobs begin destroying the ancient artifacts of the country, see Did the New Rulers of Egypt Read My Article?
If the military is simply allowing anti-Israeli sentiment to vent, they may well jeopardize not only the uneasy peace with Israel but with US largesse as well:
Egypt’s military knows very well the price of abandoning the peace with Israel would be disastrous. It would not only put their untested forces in harm’s way, but also take away the government’s pipeline of U.S. aid that the military prizes. They may believe allowing Islamist and nationalist agitators to besiege Israel’s embassy gives these haters a meaningless victory without doing any real damage to the country’s strategic needs. But as Mubarak learned to his cost, Cairo mobs sometimes take on a life of their own. Fueled by the hate that is part of the country’s popular culture, the impulse to demonize Israel and Jews can’t be quarantined. If left unchallenged, it will only grow and lead to worse things than a torn flag or a demolished security wall.
Egypt’s leaders need to counteract this trend before it gets even further out of control. And they need to be told bluntly by Washington that if they don’t, the flow of baksheesh into their coffers will soon end.

I do not want to mislead any of my readers, the destruction of Egyptian antiquities, a new war with Israel, and economic collapse in Egypt if the US stops sending aid would drive up the price of gold higher than it is now (it hit $1883 this morning) and make me mucho money. But this is precisely why I voted for Obama: I knew he wouldn't know how to handle crises like these.
I expected him to screw up royally and send gold into the stratosphere. So far he's doing great. When I announced back in June of 2008 thatvoting for Barack H. Obama will make me Rich gold was trading for a thousand dollars an ounce less.
I love this guy.