Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Doing the U.N. Two Step - by Craig Andresen

Craig Andresen


By Craig Andresen on September 21, 2011 at 1:56 pm

In his speech before the U.N. General Assembly this morning, President Obama managed to dance around the truth over and over again. It should come as no surprise that his inferences were more striking than his words.

In several parts of his address, Obama stroked the U.N.,  inferring it is the only entity upon which the world can depend to bring about world peace. Obama said, that to achieve world peace, “We must return to the wisdom of those who created this institution.”
Several times, Obama patted the U.N. on the back for their actions over the past year. He stroked them for their actions in Libya, in Egypt and other parts of the world. While he didn’t come right out and state it, the inference was that the U.N. should be the go-to entity for all international issues.

For those “cynical” enough to believe Obama wants to promote a One World Government or a New World Order, his address this morning will no doubt add fuel to the fire. For critics of the cynics to dismiss the cynics will take the willful ignoring of yet more red flags.
Obama’s words, “For the sake of Syria and world peace, we must speak with one voice” or “We must harness the power of open society” certainly don’t ring NWO or OWG bells…do they?

Obama, 5 times, stated that “Peace is hard.” Does this mean war is easy? Look, certainly we would rather have peace than war – but every once in a while, reality dictates war. What Obama didn’t talk about was that very reality.

Against those who only respect violence, against those willing to blow themselves up to kill innocents, against those bent on murder and mayhem, violence is not only the appropriate response…It’s the only response.

What he should have said was that in the face of acts or war, against us or our allies, America will respond with force because history has shown that force is the only language understood by those who perpetrate such acts.

Instead, what Obama told those who are at war with us, from the world stage is that as long as he’s in charge, we will rely on the U.N. to resolution them into a better mood. Obama punctuated that message by making it clear, we’re pulling our troops out of theater in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Instead, he danced.

If he expects terrorists to now be quaking in their suicide bomb vests. I suggest he is sadly mistaken.

On the issue of Palestinian statehood and his call for a two-state solution from the U.N. podium last year, Obama reiterated that, “I believed then and I believe now, that Palestinians deserve an independent state.”

Obama inferred a sort of moral equivalency between Israel and the Palestinians saying that peace between the two could only come when they see the world from each other’s eyes.
What he should have stated was the clear reality of the situation.

Israel is and has been for some time, amenable to peace with the Palestinians – and that Netanyahu himself has stated he is in favor of an independent Palestinian state – but it is the actions of the Palestinians and their associates like Hamas which stand in the way. Until Hamas and the Palestinian Authority formally recognize Israel’s right to exist and until the Palestinian Authority and Hamas renounce their 1988 Charter calling for the elimination of the Jewish State and the killing of Jews, no peace and no independent state of Palestine can be forthcoming.

Instead, he danced.

While Obama DID state that there can be no shortcut to an independent Palestinian state, inferring that any backdoor recognition of Palestine by the U.N. should not be allowed, he shirked his responsibility to state the harsh reality of what should be done.

He should have stated, unequivocally, that until the rocket attacks from Hamas cease and until the formal recognition of Israel by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority together with the renouncement of their Charter is a hard reality, not one more red cent of support from the U.S. would be handed to the Palestinians nor should they receive another farthing from the international community. PERIOD!

Dance, Obama, dance.

On the situations in both Libya and Egypt, Obama again danced his way around reality. He talked about how the people denounced their dictators and oppressive regimes and against the odds, sought freedom. Okay, but why not add to that a show of strength and offer that while the seeds of democracy have been sewn by the peoples of those countries, America nor the world should stand by while one oppressive regime is replaced by another and that should the Muslim Brotherhood or any other terrorist aligned organization begin to strong arm the very people who have achieved so much, they will be met by economic and military force.

There can be no such thing as freedom under the dictates of Sharia law…only more oppression.

As for the U.N. itself, not a word from Obama regarding their ever present corruption. He should have brought to the forefront the fact that the U.N. needs to clean it up and stop handing appointed seats on such committees as the Security Council or Human Rights Council to nations in direct violation of both or face a mass exodus of nations committed to those principles and the deportation of the organization from our country.

Until the U.N. cleans up its act, no longer provides a stage for the most brutal leaders on the planet and grows a pair, it can never be taken as a serious force for freedom.
Instead, Obama placated the U.N. and completely ignored their lack of adherence to their own stated principles.

If, as Obama stated five times in this morning’s address, that “Peace is hard,” then I suggest the only thing harder is for Obama to face reality.

Dancing is easy.