Monday, September 5, 2011

Correction: From a Patriotic Aussie


Within minutes after posting "Australian Prime Minister does it again!!" from a website "You Decide", I received the following two comments (see below) and I apologize for posting an untruth about our patriots in Australia.  Please note that I removed the article immediately and will not be using "You Decide" in the future.

Thank you for taking time, dear friends, for setting me straight - I will never give credit where none is due.

Bee Sting

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Australian Prime Minister does it again!! Bravo!":

This speech was never spoken by our current PM Ju-liar Gillard (pictured above, she is a Mass Muslim Appeaser, even wishing them a happy Ramadan in the National Papers and on TV, all at the expense of Aussie tax payers ( she never wished every other religious group a happy Christmas/Hunnakah/Easter/Vesak/Asalha Puja Day etc. She has just recently appointed 10 new representatives to front the Multicultural Council of Australia, with 5 of her choices being Muslims. Not one Chinese Rep despite the 17.5% of Chinese that legally migrated to Australia in the last year, not one Indian who made up 12.2% of the Migrant intake and not one Indigenous Australian!!! This speech was spoken by John Howard, a PM who served Australia from 96 to 2007... He was a bloody gun of a PM and I wish he would make a come back, so he can fix the catastrophic mess our country is now in.
I hope that you can rectify the truth here and replace the pic with one of John Howard and change the lead into the article.

Many Thanks... from a Patriotic Aussie :-)


Martin has left a new comment on your post "Australian Prime Minister does it again!! Bravo!":

This is nonsense..Julia Gillard has never said anything of the kind. This speech has been falsely attributed to John Howard and Kevin Rudd as well. It was in fact made (in part) by a minister of the Howard (conservative) government. Don't delude yourselves into thinking that an islam-appeasing left winger could ever espouse such sensible views.