Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Black, White, and Red…

September 19, 2011
“I spy with my little eye, something black, white and red…” 

Q.:  What’s black, white, and red all over?
A.:  The New York Times.
Q.:  What’s black, white, and red all over?
A.:  A skunk with diaper rash.
Q.:  What’s black, white, and red all over?
A.:  www.AttackWatch.com
The Obama 2012 election committee announced last week that it was launching yet another website!  This one allows concerned citizens to register and report ‘non-truths’, ‘second-hand rumours’, and ‘factually inaccurate statements’ made by, well, pretty much anyone – anywhere who says anything bad about the President.  
Free Speech is sooooooo over-rated…  
In their never-ending relentless pursuit of the truth, the Obama Administration wants to know who may be saying down-right mean things about them in person, online, in print, or over any electronic media conveyance.  Yeah, I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that anything I say, can and will be used against me by a jury of my, um, peers.  On second thought, having seen some Obama supporters on TV, perhaps I’d have a better chance opting for a traditional coin toss.  At least, statistically, there is a 50% chance I’d be found innocent.  
Oh shoot, I’m not here to talk about the whole AttackWatch.com thing, I’ve got something else in my craw that I need to visit with tonight. 
[NOTE TO SELF:  Need to look up 'craw', determine where it is, and understand what could possibly get stuck 'in it'.]      
You see, the thing of it is, it has to do with ‘Colors’.
Black, White, and Red  
Why would you create a website as visually-unappealing as www.AttackWatch.com?  Black background, White Lettering, Red accents and grainy mug-shot-like photographs are used to display the ‘Usual Suspects’ saying ‘Bad things’ about President Obama.  I’ve seen, ahem, I mean ‘Read about’ porn sites with more appealing color schemes (and better photos). 
So seriously, WHY these colors?
I ‘Googled’ Black, White, and Red to see what results were returned.  Something about a ‘flag’ kept darting around in the back of my mind – but what was it?
Ah, here are a few of those results now…
The Anarchist Flag 
Another Anarchist Flag 
The ‘Eat the Rich’ Anarchy Banner from Germany 
Another ‘better-known’ flag from Germany
From “Flags of Arabia, Part 2: Flags of the Arab Revolt, the Hashemite Kings, and Pan-Arabism”
Source:  Coming Anarchy online
Rage, baby rage!
(And bring your tent!)
Then I broadened the search to “Black, White, and Red Obama” .... READ MORE ...
another Attack Watch article from Grumpy Elder:

New, Attack Watch Share button for websites

Keith Koffle over at the White House Dossier recognized a flaw in the President’s ATTACK WATCH program.  Most political junkies only have a limited amount of time to get in there daily reading,  commenting, tweeting and emailing friends about that days events.  They don’t have time to go looking for the site to file an ATTACK  WATCH Notification.. He’s solved the problem by installing a Red ATTACK WATCH Report Button on everyone of his posts
With a report button installed in the middle of every post itt will save readers time, and it will also help the President in his never ending search for potential enemies and people to blame.  As soon as I can figure out how to install one I think I will.
Keith had some other things to say about the Presidents paranoia concerns about people not putting the intended spin on his statments and actions..  Sorry this one is not yet active.
It’s not easy practicing totalitarianism. It requires consistency, tenacity, and commitment.
One of the most labor-intensive and expensive requirements of totalitarianism is the discovery and reporting of dissent. The Gestapo and the NKVD – as well as it’s successor, the KGB – were forced to devote huge sums and countless man-hours to monitoring the commentary of citizens with respect to their leaders.
In the modern era, tracking dissent has become somewhat easier with the introduction of the Internet. Today, anyone can report on their neighbors, friends or relatives with just the click of a button.
The Obama campaign is continuing this tradition of exposing criticism of the country’s leadership with its new website, Attackwatch.com, which encourages all the citizens of our republic to report negative comments about our own leader, President Barack Obama.

My note:
Like Grumpy, I need one of those little red buttons attached to this blog!  However, I do need to ask Attack Watch one question and that is:: "Where or when do snitches receive their arm bands?"  Do they have a choice of colors, or do they come in back, red and white?  There's a rumor spreading across the Internet that America's president is acting like a dictator .... where do I report such matters? ... Guess I'll have to report to Attack Watch!