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Monday, September 19, 2011 - Atlas Shrugs, by Pamela Geller

“It is an obvious and cynical attempt to manipulate public opinion and divert attention away from the Islamic supremacist ties, shady financial dealings, and contradictory statements of the mosque organizers,” Geller said.
One year ago, Daisy the Khan said that they would be breaking ground on September 11, 2011 for the 15-story monster mosque going up in a building destroyed in the Islamic attack on America. It was redundant. They Gzm 911had broken ground on September 11, 2001.
Well, jihadist radical Rauf and his third wife (one more, papa, and you are maxed out) have been kicked off the Ground Zero mosque project and the developer grifter Gamal has lopped off ten stories from his triumphal mosque. In other words, we have successfully halted the project, for now.
But the media and Islamic supremacists create their own fantasy, and they are claiming the mosque opened because the grifter Gamal hung some photos of kids on the main floor of the building (here at Atlas). Pathetic.
The incredibly corrupt and intellectually bankrupt NY Times, long bereft of any integrity or objectivejournalism, devoted an entire section to a Ground Zero Mosque photo exhibit to raise funds for the mosquestrosity. In a stupid and obvious attempt at manipulation (using children, no less), this photo exhibit gets incredible NY Times coverage for a Mr. Goldfield (work that last name) who "had to teach himself how to take photographs as he started the project." A photography exhibit by a man who isn't even a photographer but gets a full spread in the NY Times? Only because it advances this cultural obscenity. These people play so dirty. No morality at all.
I loved this comment:
An official opening timed to coincide with Abbas pleading to the UN for his terror state sanctioning. This act proves the Ground Zero mosque has nothing to do with 911 healing or improving religeous coexistance. The mosque is an islamic fundamentalist in your face anti ZIONIST extreme agenda…. A propaganda bunker for antisemitism built over the graves of people butchered in the name of Islam.
Photo right: Ground Zero mosque on September 11, 2011. same as it ever was.
New York (CNN) – Earlier this month, signs of life returned to what was once a gaping pit, frozen in sadness and rife with emotion, as part of the memorial at the World Trade Center opened on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.
This week, another grand opening – this one steeped in controversy – is scheduled for just a few blocks away from the site where the Twin Towers once stood.
"A few blocks." CNN lies. 600 feet from the tower site.
The first part of Park51, the planned Lower Manhattan Islamic community center that sparked an international controversy last year, is set to open Wednesday with an art exhibit that features photographs of children.
“It is a huge step forward,” said Katerina Lucas, Park51’s chief of staff. “I hope it shows we are about inclusion, not exclusion.”
No, it shows you play dirty. Very dirty. Atlas blogged the exhibit here: Ground Zero Monsters: How About Photos of the Children that Were Never Born? Or Lost their Parent?
The photography exhibit, Park51’s first big public event, comprises portraits of children from 169 countries who now live in New York City. The opening coincides with the United Nations’ International Day of Peace.
When plans to construct the high-rise Islamic institution were unveiled last year, a heated debate erupted over whether it was insensitive to build it so close to the site attacked by Islamic extremists.
Though the interfaith center’s leaders said the project was rooted in a spirit of cooperation and coexistence, it provoked vocal opposition from some families of 9/11 victims, politicians and others.
The driving force behind much of this opposition was Pamela Geller, editor and publisher of a blog called Atlas Shrugs.
Geller organized a protest of Park51 on the tenth anniversary of Sept. 11 and says she is appalled at the organization’s decision to highlight the photographs of children.
“It is an obvious and cynical attempt to manipulate public opinion and divert attention away from the Islamic supremacist ties, shady financial dealings, and contradictory statements of the mosque organizers,” Geller said in an e-mail.
But Park 51’s photography exhibit is a reminder that the project is quietly moving forward, despite rumors that it had been put on hold.
With $70,000 raised in under two months via KickStarter.com, a funding platform for creative projects, the remodeled space at 51 Park Place will serve as a temporary community center until groundbreaking for the rest of the building.
Gamal raised 70,000 dollars? Perhaps he can repay the two bank loans he defaulted on or the back taxes that he didn't pay. Oh yeah, and the rent he didn't pay, leading to his eviction.
The project’s developers, led by Park51 Chairman Sharif El-Gamal, have hired a staff of six and continue to hold Muslim prayers at the space, just north of ground zero. But they are not speculating about a timeline for construction.
In June, El-Gamal parted ways with Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the cleric who had been the public face of Park51, over a difference in vision.
Park51’s planners say they are committed to their original Lower Manhattan location. They are now seeking to raise $7 to $10 million in financing.
Give that money to the first responders. Don't build a mega-mosque at Ground Zero.
“We have broken some ground, but there are still many hurdles,” Lucas said, pointing to fundraising as the biggest one.
More lies. it is the same sh**hole it was a year ago.
Lucas, who graduated from Harvard Divinity School in 2009, said the upcoming photography exhibition is about showcasing the diversity of New York City, which includes Muslims.
“Islam is not about extremism,” she said. “We can have a meaningful dialogue across religions.”
Inter-faith dialogue is one way under Islam.