Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Attack Watch, new Obama campaign site to ‘fight smears,’ becomes laughing stock of the Internet

Attack Watch - There is a rumor spreading that
Obama's campaign tactics will be the deathblow to 
any hopes of Obama being a 2nd term president.
Posted at 12:56 PM ET, 09/14/2011


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As the 2012 presidential campaign heats up, President Obama’s campaign team has set up a new Web site,, to challenge negative statements about the president made by Republican presidential candidates and conservatives.
Obama for America national field director Jeremy Bird told ABC Newsthat the site’s goal is to offer “resources to fight back” against attacks. Mostly, that means fact checking statements from the likes of GOP presidential contenders Mitt Romney and Rick Perry and conservative commentator Glenn Beck and offering evidence to the contrary. The site is designed in bold red and black colors, and uses statements like “support the truth” and “fight the smears.”
The response to the site has been less than stellar.

On Twitter, where the Web site has an account to help Obama supporters submit evidence of “attacks” on the president using the hashtag #attackwatch, nearly every tweet about the site has ridiculed it.
“There's a new Twitter account making President Obama look like a creepy, authoritarian nutjob,” an Arizonan tweeted. “In less than 24 hours, Attack Watch has become the biggest campaign joke in modern history,” a contributor to conservative blog The Right Sphere wrote. The contributor linked to the following parody commercial for Attack Watch:

While the initiative is reminiscent of a similar online effort launched during the 2008 campaign, called Fight the Smears, the hysteria-inducing design and language of the new site seems to be what’s causing a bigger ruckus.
Fight the Smears looked and felt far less scary, quoting Obama at the top of its page in a classic hope-change statement: “What you won’t hear from this campaign or this party is the kind of politics that uses religion as a wedge, and patriotism as a bludgeon — that sees our opponents not as competitors to challenge but enemies to demonize.”
Attack Watch, on the other hand, used the shorter — and somewhat scaremongering — tag­line, “Get the Truth. Fight the Smears.”
It’s safe to say that in its 24 hours of existence, Attack Watch has already backfired in drumming up support for Obama 2012. This tweetsummed it up: “Wow, not only are Obama & Co. incredibly thin-skinned, they're paranoid.”
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This is great news for America!  There was a time in the 1930's when folks did report on their neighbors, family members, and anyone they disagreed with, but the fact that Obama's latest trick to deceive has become a laughing stock on the Internet is proof enough that what happened in the 30's will NEVER happen again.  Bravo America!  and shame on Obama, a man who has no vision, or loyalty to America's way of life.