Friday, September 30, 2011

Anwar Al-Awlaki Won’t Be Down For Breakfast

From finger-wagger to body bagger - goodnight and good riddance, Anwar...

Good riddance to bad Islamist rubbish:
The US-born radical Islamist cleric and suspected al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki has been killed in Yemen, the country’s defence ministry has said.  
A statement said only that he died “along with some of his companions”.

Awlaki, of Yemeni descent, was on the run in Yemen since December 2007.

The US has named him a
“specially designated global terrorist” for his alleged role in a number of attacks and US President Barack Obama is said to have personally ordered his killing.

The defence ministry gave no further details of his death, which could not be independently verified.
But tribal sources told AFP news agency Awlaki was killed in an air strike in the eastern Marib province, said to be an al-Qaeda stronghold.

It is not clear whether he was killed by Yemeni forces or a US drone strike.

BBC security correspondent Gordon Correra says the killing, if confirmed, is significant, because Awlaki is able to reach out to people susceptible to radicalisation through his use of the media.

And to think, he was once the go-to guy for Interfaith Dialogue™ in the US, even bagging a lunch invite to the Pentagon from Uncle Sam just after 9/11.

But we harbour no rose-tinted hopes that this might perhaps lead to a little more cynicism about Islam and Islamists in future from dhimmi politicos and the media.

They’re still in-denial junkies, hooked on diversity – and think Islam is a ‘beautiful religion of peace’.
We’ll update later if any additional and significant information comes in.

Full story at al-Beeb, who must be beside themselves..

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