Monday, August 8, 2011

Who Cares About Dumb Nobel Prize - By Planck's Constant

By Bernie on 06 Aug 2011

muslim woman and child begging
Photo Credit: Beauty of Islam
In my article Muslim Inventions - Nobel Prizes, I remark on the paucity of Muslim laureates in the Nobel Pantheon and compare them with the surfeit of Jewish Nobel Prize winners.
Many Muslim visitors to that page leave comments denying that the Jewish Laureates are really Jewish, or insist that the Nobel committee is controlled by the Jews, or excuse the lack of Muslim winners because most Muslims live in impoverished countries without decent scientific facilities, and who cares about the Nobel Prize anyway?
Here from Stuttgart, Germany is a comment left today (I cleaned it up a bit):
The topic of who won the more Dumb Nobel Prize? Truly it is just BS, pure BS and nothing else. Who the f**k cares though? The majority of the world's population is sleeping hungry almost every night, millions of kids malnourished, uneducated, deprived of all the basic needs. Slavery in our modern society or world, people working like animals the whole of their life for nothing. And the list goes on and on..... but as i just saw so called intellectual people like you are wasting their valuable time on something which is not important at all.
Just open your eyes and come out of your comfort zone to see what is going on around the world. Please, and then do something about it.
My response?
Who the f**k cares about the Nobel Prize? If it were not for the accomplishments of Nobel Laureates, there would be many, many more poor, ignorant wretches in the world than there are now.
It is the societies who give a f**k about the Nobel Prize, science and technological advancement that have alleviated most of the misery, disease, and poverty in the world.
It is no accident that there are only 4 Muslim Nobel Laureates (out of a world which is almost one-quarter Muslim) and that correspondingly the Muslim world is the most backward, disease-ridden, filthy, repressive, barbaric, and ignorant of all the nations on Earth.
It should be noted that the scientific Nobel Prizes are not given out for mere intellectual pursuits. For example, there is no such thing as a Nobel Prize for Mathematics, although mathematics theories may advance science, Alfred Nobel wanted the awards to go to those who actually, practically, physically conferred the "greatest benefit on mankind."
This is no idle, impractical award. I honor those who have won and those who do likewise help mankind more than people like you who denigrate the achievements of the best and brightest in the sciences.
I know most of the world is filled with poverty and misery. There would be less of it if there were no Muslims in the world.