Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The White House removed references to Jerusalem, Israel from its website

"The House of the Mosque"
Who actually is in charge of the USA these days .... ??!
Certainly not one who represents "We, the people"


I heard about this on Beck’s radio show, that the White House has change any references from ‘Jerusalem, Israel’ to just ‘Jerusalem’ on its website. So I went to check it out and sure enough, I could only find one reference to ‘Jerusalem, Israel’. But I found a ton of results for just ‘Jerusalem’.

The way this started was that yesterday the Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper posted that while the State Department’s policy was that Jerusalem was not part of Israel, the White House had images of Biden meeting with Shimon Peres that noted it occurred in ‘Jerusalem, Israel’. Shortly after he posted that, the White House changed all of their related image captions (and perhaps other references) with the words ‘Jerusalem, Israel’ to just ‘Jerusalem’.

And to prove the point, here’s a video that shows before and after images that prove that this was intentionally changed
(h/t: The Blaze):

While this is infuriating it’s not surprising. We know this administration is anti-Israel as they’ve demonstrated time and time again. And this is just one more problem that we’ll remedy in Nov 2012.