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Videos: Tisha B'Av - Fast Day - Title destruction of the First Temple

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(Translation from Hebrew)

"All the mourning over Jerusalem - get to see her joy,
  And not in mourning for Jerusalem - did not see her joy "(Talmud Bavli - Ta'anit)

"Five things happened to our ancestors the seventeenth of Tamuz and five on Tisha B'Av. Tammuz delirious boards and canceled persevered and breached the city and burned Afostomos the Torah and put a photographer at the Hall, and Bette Av derived from the fathers not to get to Israel and the Temple was destroyed the first and second and captured more and plowed over the city" ( Fast Ko a).

Destruction The first and second temple They are traumatic events in Jewish history. Beyond religious crisis - spiritual, also of destruction was a national disaster: Disconnect the nation down, and the dispersion caused a serious rift among the people. Destruction are immortalized in the collective memory by setting the days of fasting in memory of the destruction, and by the different customs in memory of the destruction.

Days of fasting : On the tenth day of fasting month of Tevet buy, because that day Nebuchadnezzar began the siege of Jerusalem's walls. Month of Tammuz, buy fast because the Jerusalem city wall was breached . And ninth month of Av Fix it fast because our Holy Temple which was destroyed . And the third month of Tishrei buy fast about the killing of Gedaliah son of Ahikam, leader of the remaining Jews in Judea after the destruction, and killing was canceled last embers of the rule of Israel in its land .

Serious incidents that occurred on Tisha B'Av, a great impact on generations to the present. Temple's destruction caused the loss of spiritual abundance, leading over time, Lhtrhakoto of much of our Jewish heritage .

The laws we have on this day, accompanied by the expectation to establish the Temple .
And may it be that we will soon see just comforting of Zion and Jerusalem - and building the Third Temple Speedily .
The Way to the Temple
Centuries tried archaeologists from around the world to solve the great mystery of Jerusalem. and for 2000 years did not know where the Siloam Pool of the Second Temple. IAA revealed recently the location of the Shiloah Pool - there were dipped pilgrims to Jerusalem  during the Second Temple,  more than two thousand year. IAA also revealed the way, the Shiloah Pool toward the temple, it would cost the pilgrims

Our temple - the first, second, and the Wall

Entering the master Mmatin happily (Ta'anit). Rosh Chodesh Av apply the laws of mourning for the people of Israel, in fact many of those who''laws starting July M, today it breached the walls of Jerusalem and a number of problems occurred, Gift Certificates Hnzihum generations fasting J. M''July, but the main pre-Hubble Applies Xiao month of Av and fasting comes Tisha B'Av, the day that our Temple was destroyed, both the first and second day we were exiled from our land find a long-standing. Gift Certificates tell us the cause of the destruction, Temple Sunday sword against three violations, idolatry, incest and bloodshed, while the Second Temple was destroyed because of that hatred between each other. 
First Temple  was built in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, on by  King Solomon , and was hanged 410 years. 
Temple for the rest of his existence was the holiest place for Jews , he was the religious, national and social of the people. 
Temple was built an impressive structure, made ​​from the finest materials. It was a stone building, decorated in wood. He was a long building with three halls: the hall, separating the sacred and the profane, Temple - The holy, the main part used for worship, and Dvir - Holy of Holies . The most important tool in the Temple was the Ark , who was placed in the sanctum. In the cupboard above it stood two angels of the Lord (sculpted), were two stone tablets on which engraved the Ten Commandments . 
First Temple was burned by Nebuchadnezzar, king in 586-587 BC, during the conquest of Jerusalem. 
Temple was destroyed on Tisha B'Av 
. vessels of gold, silver and copper that had been transferred to Babylon. destruction of the temple marked the end of an era in the history of the nation and religion. the waters of the blanket did not stop the prophets Mlhzhir the people with the destruction of the house as punishment for his sins in the religion and morality. destruction of the Temple and exile the general to Babylonia that followed, was that a victory of sorts to the view prophetic.

 was built about 70 years after the destruction of the First Temple by the Babylonian exile (the rise of " Ezra and Nehemiah "), who returned to Jerusalem after receiving permission from Cyrus  king of Persia.The Second Temple was hanged 420 years.
The second Temple  lacked the ark and the tables inside, and a few other items stored on the coffin: manna (food given to the children of Israel from Egypt to Israel on their way to Canaan), staff of Aaron the priest, and the anointing oil, which were anointed priests and kings. Also, the oracle did not function in providing answers to questions. However, were the second temple menorah and other Temple vessels. Under the ark was left was the foundation stone, and it kept the commandments related to the sanctuary on Yom Kippur  [1] . 
King Herod rebuilt and expanded the Temple thoroughly, and became a masterpiece, it Sages said: " Whoever has not seen the Temple of Herod - not seen the Temple nice water " [2] .
Second Temple was destroyed by  Titus  in Rome in  70  AD, following the Great Revolt.
The Western Wall is the section of stone wall that surrounded the house before - First and Second Temples. Is the only remaining relic of old Jerusalem and the temple. To this day he is a major pilgrimage site for Jews worldwide. Instead, it is customary to pray more ancient fires and requests from a belief that this is the closest place the Divine Presence - "No - on - though he's a sword, it is the holiness ... God does not move away ...  never Shechinah budge from the Western Wall  [3] .

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