Thursday, August 18, 2011

Terrorism is proof that the "peace process" has nothing to do with peace

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Officials say several people had been killed in the attacks near the Israel-Egypt border.
Let's imagine that Israel and the PLO had agreed to the boundaries of a Palestinian Arab state back in 2008.

Would today's terror attack have still happened?

The answer can be seen by looking at where the attack occurred - in the "internationally recognized borders" of Israel.

Not in Gaza. Not in the area that the PLO officially claims they want for a state.

In fact, the attack was not even in a place that would have been called "Palestine" before the British Mandate.

People are so used to hearing the phrase "peace process" that they are conditioned to believe the biggest lie of all: that if only Israel would give up more territory, then there would be peace. An agreement, it is widely assumed, would mean no more claims against Israel and a chance for both nations to live side by side in harmony.

Today's attack - which included an RPG attack on a family in a car, killing two children - has nothing to do with "Palestine." The entire point of the attack is to kill Jews who enjoy their own national self-determination in the Middle East.As long as Jews live in freedom in the area, they will be attacked. It will simply never end.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad and the PRC are not going to disappear after a peace agreement is signed. They would continue to attack Israelis, they way that the fedayeen attacked before there was an "occupation." They will continue to find new claims as Hezbollah does with the Lebanese border after Israel withdrew behidn UN-drawn lines.

Pseudo-intellectuals will likewise keep finding ways to justify the terror by blaming Israel for the reprehensible deeds of the terrorists. They cannot accept the fact that not only would Israel's capitulation not stop terror, but it would probably increase it. Terrorists fired rockets from Gaza to Israel literally hours after Israel's last troops withdrew from Gaza - and they never stopped, even before the "siege."

Israeli actions are not what is preventing peace. Palestinian Arab actions are what makes peace impossible - their terrorism as well as their widespread support for terrorism, in the media and on the streets.