Tuesday, August 30, 2011

September 11th: The Politicians' Three-Ring Circus

I consider this picture by Ed Driscoll to be perfect - it reminds me of the wasteland of Obama's presidency these past few years.  His speeches, like his policies, are hollow and do not have a ring of truth but plenty of deception for those who still care to listen.  (Latest polls show fewer are listening these days, as his popularity sinks into oblivion!)  Teleprompters are not enough to inspire the once filled to capacity rooms with admirers ... and so it will be, when America bows her head in sorrow, remembering how 19 Arab Muslims attacked our shores on a sunny, September morning - Sept. 11, 2011.

There isn't an American alive who doesn't remember where they were, what they were doing, who they wept and prayed with that horrific morning.  Cries went out asking "Who would do this to us? Why?! Oh no, another plane hitting the second tower! Oh, Lord!" AND the flames and smoke from those towers burning for days, both literally and within our hearts and minds - none of us shall ever forget that morning - which is why American's understand the importance of remembering and forever remaining watchful, knowing that our nation shall never be the same, or feel as safe ever again.  

America was at war and still is at war!  Our troops have been spread throughout the world fighting Islamic tribes/terrorists/al Qaeda/Talban/in distant countries that were once only a name in a geography book...Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan ... and, in bits and pieces, Yemen, Libya ... a never-ending war, compromised of Muslim groups who hold to a dark age ideology of murder, rape, beheadings, torture, suicide bombings, towards Christians, Jews, and all non-Muslims ... seeking to conquer, control and undermine every single country they migrate to, dishonoring the laws of the lands they enter, while promoting their Sharia laws in democratic nations - and America's Constitution is foreign to any and all teachings of Islam.

Our politicians wish to "help" Americans forget what happened and what is ongoing today, by turning this Tenth Anniversary of Sept. 11th into a day of "service", rather than one of REMEMBERING our martyred citizens, our NYC fire and policemen and women who died trying to respond to those trapped in the fiery furnaces of the Twin Towers!  

What has changed these past ten years, to have our politicians refuse entrance and a seat of honor to our surviving first Responders?  What has changed to refuse to honor our dead and living, and all Americans who survived those days following this attack, by refusing to allow prayer at these ceremonies on Sept. 11th?  

I believe this is the "change" Obama promised - a change that refuses "hope" to the living, by denying to pay tribute to the real meaning of this day.  No matter if the sun shines on Sept. 11th, for Americans, it will be a sky covered in darkness - as dark as the hearts who are filled with deception and double-talk - with all their pomp and circumstances - and through their false smiles and handshakes, one can absolutely feel the end to an America that proudly flies its flag with the stars and stripes at half-mast that day, recognizing that America was humbled that morning, and for most of us, having no where to turn for comfort, we fell on our knees and understood that there is a blessed Almighty Creator who is in control of all things, a most holy One who never slumbers, watching both the good and evil that befalls each of us and our nation.

Shame on you, Mr. Obama and Mayor Bloomberg - and all the politicians who remain silent and refuse to give America the honor and respect it so rightfully deserves on September 11th and every day thereafter.

Go ahead, dear Mayor, President and politician - turn America's Day of Sorrow into a Wasteland of Deception, for the sake of your popularity polls and upcoming elections - Americans will not forget your three-ring circus at Ground Zero.  Just send in the clowns!

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