Friday, August 5, 2011

Please, No More Talk of Swords - By H. Skip Robinson

Letter Written by: H. Skip Robinson
Date of Letter: 2011-08-04

I am not in favor of another physical U.S. Revolution, despite it need and here's why
. Before Jefferson and Adams passed, they had already become discouraged at the path our nation was taking. Why? Because government as we know it, is antithetic to individual rights and therefore has no real interest in protecting them, which was the foundation of our Constitution and why most of our individual rights have now been usurped. So government and those that manipulate it, will just pick up the pieces, after countless numbers have spilled their blood in the fight for liberty. How many Congresspersons, Judges and Central bankers, currently have their children truly in harm’s way in one of the various conflicts around in the world? I would bet none are “truly” in harm’s way and it is not likely that it is going to be their blood that is spilled.

Don’t get me wrong, the use of weapons in self-defense is an ethical position, that I surely support, as government aggression expands, but it has and can easily be denied as a defense by our current system, so be very careful. If you’re in jail or dead, you’re not much help to us.
Until we can come up with a better solution to the existing system, the majority will, except during civil war, remain under various levels of socio-economic slavery, as history has shown. As you will learn and as I now believe, it is Justice, or the lack thereof, that fosters a Civil society or not. Until you come up with a better justice system, the current system will thwart any important changes attempted and allow the continuation of bad laws and behavior by those in positions of power.

Obviously real change will not be easy to institute but as history has shown, the sword has not achieve long term liberty. Therefore, in my opinion, if it cannot be done with the pen, it cannot be done and I will not and cannot accept that there is “no” long term solution to government corruption and tyranny.

So first we need to come up with a better justice system. I have some ideas and I'm trying to get others to participate in coming up with a system that is truly better. I believe that I have a good basis for a system but there is much work to be done. - People have to understand that only if we have justice can any political system really work and actually if you have a good justice system, we won't really need much of a political system. Almost all issues could be determined through the Courts and why we need, in my opinion, to drastically expand the number of Judges at the appellate levels and when I mean drastically, I means by thousands, all elected at the local levels under a direct democratic vote.

But my libertarian instincts tell me that we need to set it up first in a free market setting and then compete against the existing system for public opinion to prove the superiority of the system. A lot of people will embrace such as system and start to utilized it to address and mitigate their differences. It could be similar to the current mediation companies being used by many businesses. At least it is a viable possibility, one that could actually work. I have yet to see any other system that has the potential to work and I have been a part of many ideas throughout my life, all of which have been thwarted by the existing Judiciary. Go figure!!! Ask Bob Schulz of We The People how all his hard work has panned out. Now he is trying to set up some sort of Constitutional Lobbying Group to affect political change. If they can institute something similar to what I’m proposing, I see some promise but I am not getting that understanding from what I’ve read and heard on the plans.

Remember, it takes free market solutions to cure free market problems and government only muddles the ability to achieve success. Thinking that socialistic solutions can cure free market problems is an erroneous contention and history has shown us this time and time again. Almost every problem that faces society today is a direct result of the failure of the justice system to protect individual rights and property. We than institute more socialistic solutions to solve those problems that the justice system failed to mitigate. Finally, we have bankrupted ourselves in this effort to cure free market problems, with excessive levels of taxation and regulations. Add in the greed and corruption that government appears to protect and voila, the fascist oligarchy easily maintains its power.