Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Hampshire: How high is the Water Rising ..??

Heavy Rain From Irene Causes Flooding, Outages

POSTED: 7:53 am EDT August 28, 2011
UPDATED: 8:51 pm EDT August 28, 2011

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Tropical Storm Irene moved through New Hampshire on Sunday, dumping several inches of rain that caused rivers to flood and leaving more than 160,000 without power.
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Sunday evening, rain-swollen waters of the Mad River overflowed the Campton Dam on Route 175 and flowed across Route 49, forcing the downstream evacuations of 250 people from the Six Flags Trailer Park and The Woods senior housing.

Flooding was also a major problem at a campground in North Woodstock, just south of Lincoln. Campers could be seen covered with water at the campground near the White Mountain Motorsports Park.

As the storm moved up the East Coast, it weakened from a hurricane Sunday morning but remained strong, with wind gusts up to 45 mph in New Hampshire.

Mad River Floods Across Route 49
A flood warning was issued for nearly all of New Hampshire as rain fell at the rate of an inch to 1 1/2 inches per hour. Flash flood warnings were also triggered throughout the day.

The Pemigewasset River was swollen as it roared through Lincoln, raising concerns that areas could be flooded. Fire officials worried that the Loon Mountain Bridge could wash out, and the Kancamagus Highway in Lincoln was closed after a bridge washed out.

Route 302 from Crawford Notch to Bartlett was closed until further notice, and Route 16 was closed from Glen to Gorham for weather-related bridge inspections. ( Latest Road Closures From DOT )

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4 Hurt In NH Due To Flying Debris From Tropical Storm Irene

Trees and branches came down all across the region, like this one that fell on wires in Wellesley (credit: Rich)
August 28, 2011 4:19 PMCONCORD, N.H. (CBS) – Four people were injured in three New Hampshire towns on Sunday as Tropical Storm Irene rolled through the area.
Two people in Wolfeboro and one in Bedford were seriously injured when they were hit by flying tree limbs while trying to clean up other fallen tree limbs. Another person was injured in Concord while out walking during the storm, according to the New Hampshire State Fire Marshal’s Office.

“The storm continues to create hazards and debris. We have seen several serious injuries related to flying tree limbs. We urge all New Hampshire residents to save the clean up until tomorrow, after the storm ends,” said State Fire Marshal J. William Degnan.  ... CONTINUE READING ..
Photo by MWS, Pillsbury Road, Irene damage in Londonderry, NH

This is a view from the east side of the downed trees across pillsbury

The storm is over - tomorrow begins the cleanup and hopefully, restoring of power to the 150,000 homes without electricity since as early as 11AM this morning.  A family member lives just 20 minutes south of me and she's been without electricity most of the day, while I was more fortunate and have not had loss of power, or one of those huge pine trees in the yard fall on top of my roof.  

The last weather prediction about an hour ago has warned of "flash flooding" throughout the state for the next few days; rivers and streams have overflowed, and in the mountains one landslide was photographed in a non-populated area. 

We are thankful Hurricane Irene downgraded to a tropical storm.  If the winds maintained the 120 - 100 mph strength, it would have been far worse for all of us.
New Hampshire's rivers, streams, damns, brooks, ponds and lakes are dotted throughout the state and it doesn't take much to flood major highways and roads, not to mention homes and basements.  

The following photos were taken last week in the beautiful White Mountains just north of our home.

Stay safe dear friends and may the flood waters drain quickly!!

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