Sunday, August 28, 2011

How Islam Works - By DeeAnna

Written by: DeeAnna 

The design of Islam Is that of a brilliant war and global domination strategy. Mecca in Saudi Arabia is like a fire aunt hill ,the “queen” aunt is not a queen but a man a long dead barbarian war-lord named Muhammad though he may be dead his will is still alive and well today what he willed what he wished desired and fought for while he lived was to rule the world with an iron fist he essentially made himself a god by claiming to speak for the one and only God which he claimed to be named Allah.
He then “hatched” loyal slaves servants worker aunts which were the armies of Muhammad and his will which is known as Islam,, because Islam essentially really is all about submission to the will of Muhammad.
In order for his slaves to know his will, He expressed it as revelations from the unseen unknowable to anyone but him Allah! He conned and manipulated plotted and planned and deceived he bullied and intimidated ,, He told his slave what they should say what they should think do wear he dominated and controlled every single moment of there lives to the best of there abilities,, And he began making recorded
Messages of what his will was, And commanded his slaves to carry it out all over the world like fire aunts in search of food, but Islam’s food was human lives there submission there will, it fed on human lives and as it did it the mound grew stronger!! He commanded his slaves to deceive and or terrorize non muslims into submission to his will , He gave commands then instilled brainwashing techniques into those commands in order to help ensure they would be followed.
And as the slaves of Muhammad went out into the world they gather the goods of the world back to fuel the Islam mound taking from non Muslims to do so and plotting to get non Muslims to submit to Islam and become slaves to it as well, On one hand there were false promises of what great good they could receive as slaves on the other hand there was always threats and intimidation and violence to force them into submission if they did now succumb to the lies and seduction of Islam! This is how it has gone on in the world for ages, Muhammad understood that there would always be people who would resist his evil as long as there were still those not yet enslaved and he told his slaves they would resist but the truth was turned inside out so that wrong often became right and right wrong in his will, so in the eyes of his poor blind fire aunt human zombie slaves, the evils of Islam was good resistance to it was evil this helped fuel there aggressions and strengthen them Muhammad even convinced his slaves that those who resisted his will aka Islam, were evil the most vile animals in the site of his Allah, even if those who resisted were far better human beings then he or his slaves had ever been.
The evil brilliance of his diabolical plan was strengthened even more by the forced silence or brutal murder of those who would dare resist ! This is how Islam has worked for ages and today Mecca is merely the heart of the Islam mound the OIC Islamic nations are the mound and the slaves of Muhammad have built little mini mounds all across the non Islamic world and in this mini mounds. The evils of Muhammad’s will as manifested in Mecca are carried out and pushed like drugs onto unsuspecting children the world over once the ingest the drug the disease that Is Islam takes over if they are not immunized with truth and resistance.
Today this global domination technique has nearly taken over the world. And if we do not resist it one day soon there will be nothing left of the world but one giant Muhammad worshiping Islam mound and in the end the world will not be able to bear the weight of it thus the world really will be destroyed by Islam in what Islam knows as the day of Judgment day of doom etc. Resist Islam! Love humanity and our earth tell the truth about Islam and never submit find the cure for those infected and immunization for those not yet infected.. Both the cure and the immunization are based on truth and love of humanity and our earth. Wake up blind slaves of Islam and see your humanity and ours!!! And love humanity and our earth before its to late… The world doesn’t have to end with Islams hate!!