Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cairo: The Prosecution accuses Murbarak of selling gas to "Israeli enemies"

Note:  Sometimes the news and our Media do not report what is actually happening in the Middle East.  In the case of the Murbarak trial, many journalists attended, but how many actually reported that Egypt courts are calling Israel, "the enemy"?  The following is a translation from Hebrew in an Israeli newspaper; and a response from one Israeli, to understand the shock and outrage about Egypt's outlook since the downfall of Murbarak - quite disturbing!

מצרים חוסני מובארק / צלם: רויטרס


The deposed President of Egypt and his two sons, Jamal ALA, are among other things tying us to sell gas to Israel, according to the indictment, price ■ which sold gas to Israel was cheaper manaog international market

Two weeks after the opening of his trial, arrived this morning (Monday) President Egypt deposed, Hosni Mubarak, the second discussion in the trial begin murder demonstrators and corruption in the Court inCairo. The prosecution charged the Mubarak, among others, the sale of natural gas "" Israeli enemy ".

Mubarak and his two sons, Jamal ALA, are blamed for tying us to sell gas to Israel through
 company, where they hold a majority share. According to the indictment, the price it sold gas to Israel was cheaper manaog international market.

Mubarak's attorneys sought today to reject the Court to give the Defense enough time to catch up with the team's claim and learn the material, and the judge postponed the trial until 5 September.

Mubarak, aged 83, arrived today to court by ambulance, vause in hospital into a metal cage built especially at the Police Academy, Lecture Hall converted into a court.

Outside the Hall statement there were clashes between dozens of Mubarak's Congressional advocates mentioned it either lmtangdio, civilians who had been injured during the revolution and killed. Both sides threw stones, and Al-Jazeera reported that some of the writings attacked Mubarak's Congressional advocates mentioned it either.

850 casualties

Since the overthrow of Mubarak in February gave tens of thousands of demonstrators repeated rallies to exert a claim. More than 850 people were killed by police during the 18 days of protests in January and February this year that led to the ins of Mubarak, hmoashm with former Interior Minister, Habib al-Adli, deliberately killing of demonstrators.

According to the prosecution, the two ordered security forces to use ammunition against protesters throughout Egypt, and close, can the two be discussed to death.

The first discussion, a helicopter flown from Sharm al-Sheikh hospital, where he isolated himself since dismissed, denied the charges against the former President had declared: "I admit I'm denying the attributed to me." Also, new and other defendants Abdellatif baashmot against them.

Response from an Israeli - translated from Hebrew:
"Can you see it? I read the indictment against Mubarak. They, in their statement, they call us "Israeli enemy". In their legal court, for heaven's sake. What kind of peace we have with the Arabs? They're all the same. (I'm shocked, that call us that, like in a street.) This is a court of a sovereign state official. So why do they say "Israeli enemy". We made formal peace. It's just fueling more than what that I think about the Arabs. To be an Arab, this type profession. Also that there is peace,and they would call us an "enemy"???.
And I thought that I knew them. Apparently I did not. How is it possible to make peace with them, if 30 years after the peace agreement, they continue to say that "you are the enemy"??, For G-d's sake!"
How indeed?!  The hatred of the Arab protesters towards the Jews was evident during their demonstrations in the streets, as they gang raped and beat a CBS journalist, Laura Logan. As they screamed "Jew, Jew" and for THREE HOURS she was stripped in front of hundreds of people who WATCHED and jeered and cheered."  CBS and the mainstream media tried to cover this story up - not wishing to offend the Arab Muslims.  See the entire story here ...

This horrific act by the Egyptian crowd of demonstrators should have set up red flags of things to come - as since the early days of the Egyptian uprising against Murbarak, their hatred is gaining fuel towards the West and Israel.  That 30 year peace between Egypt and Israel (and the West) died the day Murbarak stepped down, by orders of our own President Obama.  The Media forgets that many attempts on Murbarak's life were attempted simply because he had agreed to peace with Israel.  

Another warning sign was the day Egypt allowed Iranian ships to float through the Suez Canal.

Or, when they opened their borders to Hamas terrorists.

Or, when they arrested an American-Israeli college student as a spy two months ago.

And, as recently as last week, when a United States "Aid Chief" abruptly left Egypt..  

And yet, a U.S. "official" denies that Egypt is demonstrating any anti-American sentiment!

I have no idea how many warning signs from Egypt must take place before our "Officials" in Washington wake up, but one thing's for certain, since the U.S. State Department has not warned American citizens against traveling to Egypt, perhaps those reading will have more sense and forego visiting the Pyramids this year.  Egypt depends largely on tourism - but the tourist season closed the day Murbarak stepped down.  Visit at your own risk, understanding that you, too, may be arrested for being a "spy"(or , beaten and raped) by the Egyptian crowds, or its military..

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