Friday, August 19, 2011

The Barack Obama “Blame Game” is Getting Ridiculous

Obama's excuses are less credible than the Blues Brothers' blame game

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Gateway Pundit observes:  “It’s the weather… Europe… an earthquake… bad luck… the tea party… the internet.”  
And don’t forget:  President Obama nearly 3 years later, still blames BUSH.
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It’s A Trap — Avoid The “Blame Game”
Let Obama Wallow In It
A very disturbing trend has developed in politics these days. It’s the “Blame Game” and Republicans are being sucked into playing this no-win game by the Democrats, headed by the blamer-in-chief, Barack Obama.
Instead of presenting factual data pinpointing the countries problems and then offering a plan to address those problems, Republicans are being sucked in to the low-life politics of hammer throwing blame. It has to stop. Otherwise, many days, weeks and months of really worthwhile campaigning will be wasted.
It does absolutely no good, for example, to counter punch with the president when he makes one statement after another, blaming Republicans, the Tea Party, former President Bush, etc., etc., for the nation’s woes. Conservatives need to elevate their game to a higher level and just let Obama wallow in the misery.
It takes two to tango and engaging Obama and his army of well-trained minions only detracts from what’s really important — who has a plan to fix what’s wrong.
Conservatives need to hold Obama’s feet very close to the fire. Force the electorate to know and understand that this isn’t the time for blame, it’s the time for action to get this administration out of office as soon as possible. Playing petty blame games isn’t the way to do it.
Campaign time right now would best be spent on presenting — on paper — black and white proposals on jobs creation, tax code modifications, health-care initiatives, and every other critical issue we’re facing.
Our candidates need to offer a plan that will create an atmosphere conducive to growth and expansion in the private sector, rather than adding many thousands of federal government jobs on nanny state socialist programs.
We need to force the debate to concentrate on resolving problems, not trying to avoid blame by blaming some one or some thing else. Lord knows, there’s plenty of blame to go around inside the beltway, but with the nation’s debt skyrocketing by billions of dollars per day, it’s high time to avoid the blame game trap and demand the debate focus on the issues.
Let Barack Obama play the blame game all by himself. Rise above that political trap, roll up your sleeves and get to work correcting the problems. Let the voters know who has a plan to repair the damage and who doesn’t. When they see a positive, constructive approach from one side and only the blame game rhetoric from the other, they’ll reward that effort with their votes.