Thursday, August 18, 2011

Arab Spring or Anarchy? Terror en route to vacation in Eilat

Security personnel next to bus after ambush, Thurs

Photo by: REUTERS/Lior Grundman


It's summer time and it's the high season in the beautiful resort town of Eilat. Sadly, the peace and quiet of the southern most city in Israel, was abruptly broken today as a chain of terror attacks claimed the lives of at least 6 people and injured tens of civilians.
In a well planned attack the terrorists fired shots at 2 buses and civilian car, assaulted Israeli soldiers, and fired mortars and an anti-tank missile.
Terror attack eilat - bus
Items are seen aboard a bus after it was ambushed (Image: Reuters)
Defense minister Barack commented on the attack saying ""This is a serious terrorist attack in a number of locations. The event reflects the weakening of Egyptian control over Sinai and the expansion of the activity of terrorist forces. "
The violence near the resort city of Eilat stoked concerns about growing lawlessness in the neighboring Egyptian Sinai Peninsula following the ouster in February of Egypt's longtime autocratic leader, Hosni Mubarak.
Democratic elections are yet to be seen in Egypt, but the direct result of the revolution is that anarchy rules in Sinai. The local Egyptian police is afraid of the armed Bedouins that rule the area and the smuggling route to Gaza is open to all.
Such anarchy is the perfect breeding ground for radical Islam. Today's terror attack is proof of that.
The beautiful town of el Arish in Sinai is known for its beaches andluxury resorts. But in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, el Arish is becomingknown for something far different from tourism. A well-armed jihadist group is making its presence felt on the dusty streets here, intimidating opponents and demanding Egypt becomes an Islamist state.
If the Egyptian authorities do not move quickly to crush the extremists and regain control, the Sinai Peninsula could soon become a separate Islamic emirate run by Salafis, Hamas and Al-Qaeda.
The Arab revolution is creating fast paced changes in the Arab world. Sadly these fast paced changes will not lead to democracy and freedom for the Arab people.
Instead radical Islamic groups are quick to hijack the winds of changeaiming to create Islamic regimes instead of democratic ones.

At least 6 dead, 25 hurt in terror attacks near Eilat

Special police forces, IDF soldiers kill 7 terrorists involved in attacks; series of bombs go off near IDF patrol along border with Egypt, gunmen fire on bus, private car; IDF soldiers among casualties.