Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another Insult: NYC First Responders Not Invited to 9/11 Ceremony at Ground Zero?!


This decision cannot be allowed to stand.
hat tip:  NYFD first responder/survivor Sean Hickey
We just had the President of the United States deliver a treasonous tribute to the “Muslim victims” of 9/11 during a glittering gala dinner at the White House.  The approval of an Islamic “victory mosque” at Ground Zero is a huge middle finger to America.  The 9/11 memorial at the former World Trade Center is a very weird, Third World-ish, freakshow “tribute”to the victims.  Atheists have tried to have a cross of twisted metal removed from the memorial.
How can a broken national heart heal from all this?  The fact is, we can’t.  And now, there is THIS:
WASHINGTON – The cops, firefighters and rescue workers who toiled at Ground Zero will not be invited to take part in the 10th anniversary ceremony, a city official told the Daily News Friday.
First responders will instead be asked back to the site at another day for a separate commemorative ceremony, city officials said.
Space and security logistics were at the heart of the decision, those involved said.
Family of the nearly 3,000 killed receive first priority at an event with maximum security.
President Obama‘s appearance will make the day even more of a security concern.
For many first responders, though, the news was a bitter pill.
“To have a separate service on another day has no significance, no meaning,” said David Jacobs of Queens, who volunteered at the site sifting debris and who lost a childhood friend, a city firefighter, in the attacks.
“For many of us, we gave a lot at that site,” he said.
As many as 91,000 people took part in the initial search and rescue and subsequent 10-month cleanup, according to estimates taken for the city.”
There are no words I can muster except:  Outrageous.