Sunday, July 17, 2011

Where's Homeland Security when you need them?!

Illegal immigrant working inside nuke plant arrested

Updated: Jul 14, 2011 5:02 PM
Posted: Jul 14, 2011 3:28 PM 
PHOENIX - Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's deputies arrested an illegal immigrant working inside the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant, the nation's largest nuclear plant and one of the most closely monitored in the country.
Cruz Loya Alvares was taken into custody by Sheriff Deputies Wednesday and interrogated by the Sheriff's Human Smuggling detectives.
Deputies determined that the worker is, in fact, here illegally. Cruz admitted he has been in the U.S. illegally for most of the past 15 years. He was detained and deported in 2000 but paid a coyote for re-entry into the U.S. And last month, Cruz admitted that in June 2011, Mesa Police cited him for driving with a suspended license.
According to Sheriff Arpaio, Cruz tried to gain access to the Nuclear power plant on Monday but was denied entrance because his Mexican Driver's license was expired.
He then returned on Tuesday, this time as a passenger in a contractor's vehicle. Cruz presented an Arizona Identification card and was permitted into the facility. When plant authorities more carefully examined the card some time later, officials thought it may be illegitimate and contacted the Sheriff's Office.
Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant officials say that the illegal immigrant was never allowed into any secure areas or into the plant itself. They say he was simply on company property in an administrative area.

"To some extent," Arpaio says, "security at this nuclear power plant worked. But still, an illegal immigrant was permitted to gain access to this facility. This raises the question: how safe is Palo Verde really if an illegal alien can gain access to this nation's largest nuclear power facility?
This suggests to me that sadly, like our nation's borders, our most critical public utilities/installations are perhaps not nearly as safely guarded as they need to be."
Palo Verde Plant Officials say "the safety of the plant and public were never jeopardized." They add that their security system worked exactly as it was supposed to.
Two different people working in security at the power plant also told Sheriff's officials that drivers of contractor's vehicles can "vouch" for the passengers if no identification documents are on hand at the time of entry.
"In post 9/11 times, "vouching" for employees who contractor's know little about is not good practice for a facility as critical as a nuclear power plant," Arpaio added.
As soon as the false identification was flagged, plant security detained the man and moved him to a secure area while they waited for Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies to respond, plant officials said.
Obama can make jokes about alligators at the border; Homeland Security can tell Americans that "our borders are safe and protected"; TSA can mishandle airport security; but, our nuclear power plants are "safe and secure" .... Yeah!  Right!  Ten years after 9/11 and Americans still cannot rely on any federally funded program/department to keep America secure!  
Here's a great article, from "American and Proud":

I am an Extremist!

I am an Extremist; I am a white man, a gun owner, an outdoorsman, a believer in God, a father, a husband, a man who loves his country, a legal citizen, a tax payer, a believer in doing the right thing, a homeowner, a family man, a community organizer, a voter, and an opinionated man of this world.
I can kill and grill my own food, I can survive off the land, I can hunt with a stick and string or a firearm or a string and a rock, I can survive in downtown LA or NY as well as in the Rockies or Sierra’s. I believe in being prepared and I believe in protecting the things I love from those which mean them harm.
I am a HARSH critic of the sheep in our midst. I am a CONSERVATIVE living, ANGRY, disenfranchised AMERICAN, that is watching his country take a hard turn left and I am very saddened by the view.
I believe our forefathers granted us this great nation by their blood and character, and I believe over the past 5 years we have ventured down a path that is COUNTER to what they believed in. INSTEAD of CHANGE, we are getting the same old and more of it. We are being shut out about ILLEGAL Immigration, the 2nd amendment, Stem cells, taxes, foreign policy, Gay Marriage, Abortion, as well as the most basic SPENDING money we don’t have big lefty Government plans ever devised.
Yes, I am an EXTREMIST, and as soon as this nation wakes up and decides enough is enough I will be there with them. I will lead it if need be, and follow if I have too, but sitting silent is not something that will gain our country’s freedom again.
We have forgotten what it takes to make this country great, we got soft, we got complacent, and we got screwed.
This mess is partly our fault, and it can be fixed. We need to get loud, get noisy and let these lefty fucks hear US! We listened to their anti-American crap for 8 years, and now they have the nerve to call US extremists? Yeah, mind boggling isn’t it?
TexasFred found a test that can help you figure out if you are a “Domestic Terrorist” According to our Homeland Security Idiot.

DT Certificate

Thank GOD there is proof now that I don’t agree with the socialist movement being thrust upon us. My Favorite sign at the Tea parties was “Obama walks on Water–While the rest of us DROWN!” aint it the truth?