Friday, July 8, 2011

WARNING SIGNS: "Cartoon Round Up" and "Over 800,000 viewers"

FRIDAY, JULY 8, 2011

Cartoon Round Up


800,000 and Counting!

This week Warning Signs, begun in 2007, passed more than 800,000 individual page views and, at the rate we're going, will likely pass the one million mark by the end of the year. It has benefitted from the fact that the daily commentaries are also posted on,. RenewAmerica,, and a host of other news and opinion websites and blogs. That said, our success thus far has been largely word-of-mouth because literally no effort is made to promote the blog beyond the merit of its posts.

My thanks to all who visit and come back regularly. And, of course, especially to those who have shown their support through donations. They really do make a difference and underwrite the usual computer-related costs.

So, now, upwards and onwards!

-- Alan Caruba