Friday, July 1, 2011

US Flotilla Ship Tries to Make Run for Gaza and is Caught

Friday, July 1, 2011



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Earlier today, the flotidiots held a press conference in which they said that they would leave next week.Well, they were lying, no surprise there, it is what they do best. 
They have tried to make a run for it and have been caught by the Greek Coast Guard. Deportation anyone? 
American activists set sail from Greece on Friday aboard a boat set to take part in a pro-Palestinian flotilla to Gaza, defying calls from Israel to cancel it and a ban by Athens.
The vessel was stopped by the Greek Coast Guard some 25 minutes after its unauthorized departure. It was not immediately clear whether the boat will be taken back to port.
The vessel, dubbed "The Audacity of Hope", left Perama port for the open seas, a Reuters witness said. Greek authorities said earlier on Friday that ships destined to Gaza were prohibited from leaving Greek ports.
Despite the Greek ban, the vessel left port around 4:45 pm Friday, Ynet learned. It was banned from departing by Greek officials citing technical problems, but chose to ignore the orders.
According to Joseph Dana, who is aboard the US ship, the Greeks have circled the ship and look to be preparing to board. 
The captain of the US boat is supposedly telling the Greeks that he doesn't want to be in the port, because he fears the ship will be sabotaged
Greek authorities may now go an take over the Canadian ship, which is in Crete. Update: they may be going after all ships in Greek ports.
The situation has hit a new high, Joseph Dana, is having some pasta and Alice Walker is writing on an Ipad.

BREAKING: AP is reporting that Greek authorities have indeed stopped all flotilla ships from leaving port and going to Gaza.
Update: Greece's Foreign Minister has told CNN that all ships heading for Gaza from Greece will be stopped.
Here is video of the ship leaving port.

Reports are now coming in that the Coast Guard is leaving the ship, unconfirmed. The Greeks are saying the ship is not "seaworthy."

Update: Noah Pollak adds this insightful commentary.
The Canadian ship claims that Israel has extended its blockade of Gaza to Greece. What fools.
Ali Abuminah of Electronic Intifada says that Greece is now under Israeli occupation? Really?
The Canadian ship is now being surrounded by Greek authorities.

Update: The US boat is not moving again, direction is unknown.
Another ludicrous claim coming from flotidiots: Greece does not have mandate to do what it is doing.You are Greek waters you idiots!

Photo of Greek commandos watching US boat.
Per my update a couple lines up, the Greek navy is moving right along side the US boat.

Update: Armed men are approaching the US boat and look to be preparing to ard.

Update: Greek commandos are approachingthe vessel.

Breaking: Greek commandos have boarded the US boat!! Update: They have not boarded...yet
Witnesses identify at least 12 armed, masked soldiers holding teargas launchers. Protesters gather on board yelling "don't hurt us, we are unarmed civilians."
I just received the following email:
Challah this is the end of flotilla 2, I have some experience with the Greek port authority.........
The USBoatToGaza group has called a protest today for Time Square
Update: Those on board the US boat are telling Greek authorities they do not have right to board the ship.
The following image recently appeared in a Saudi Arabian newspaper.
Back to the floatards, they are now telling their personal stories to the Greek commandos. This must have been their non-violent training, boring to opposition to death. 

Here was the statement from Greece earlier today:

Pursuant to a decision by the Minister of Citizen Protection Mr. C. Papoutsis, the departure of ships with Greek and foreign flags from Greek ports to the maritime area of Gaza has been prohibited today."
By orders of the Hellenic Coast Guard Head Quarters to all local Hellenic Coast Guard Authorities, all appropriate measures are taken for the implementation of the said decision.
Code Pink has called for a protest later today at the Greek embassy in NY
The US boat is GOING BACK TO PORT! According to Joseph Dana, the flotidiots will stay on the ship in the port and are filing complaints against the government. They are not returning to their original port, a new one, as they fear sabotage.
These will be all the updates on this post for me today, I do apologize, but I do have a life to live :)
Update: The ship has been towed into a militaryport and is currently surrounded by Greek Coast ships. The press were allowed off the ship, it seems the floatards have decided to stay aboard.
 Hamas has slammed the Greeks for stopping the ship, calling their actions "inhumane." They know a thing or two about inhumane acts.
Breaking: Freedom Flotilla 2 May Be Cancelled! Organizers have not yet confirmed, but due to today's events this may be announced soon.

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