Tuesday, July 5, 2011

US envoy in Israel to Rivlin: Obama will visit Israel

PM Netanyahu, US President Obama at White House


Ambassador James Cunningham doesn't specify date but says visit is on US president's agenda; Knesset speaker: Israelis sense atmosphere in White House has changed for the worse.

US President Barack Obama will visit Israel, US ambassador to Israel James B.Cunningham told Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin on Tuesday.

"The president wants to visit and he will do so," Cunningham told Rivlin. Though he did not specify a date for the visit, Cunningham said it was on Obama's agenda.

Rivlin told Cunningham that "Israelis sense that the atmosphere in the White Househas changed for the worse. The feeling is that Obama views Israel as a burden more than as a strategic asset." 

"When the president visited Egypt and the region, he decided not to visit Israel, something which bothered many Israelis," Rivlin continued. "One cannot alienate himself from the public's feelings while trying to change them through explanations."

Cunningham responded to Rivlin telling him that such feelings were erroneous and that the president plans to visit Israel.

Cunningham will be resigning from his post after serving as ambassador for three years.



What could possibly happen when or if Obama visits the State of Israel?

A president of the United States, one who has visited the Middle East and Europe, plus a few trips to the U.K. during the past three years; one who's first phone call after taking office was to his Islamic "friends" and not the most important ally in the M.E. - Israel, has NOT (according to this administration) slighted Israel and the Israelis.  Why, it is "erroneous" according to Cunningham to feel that way!  Nor would this administration's support for the Palestinians, while all but ignoring the constant attacks and murders by the Palestinians towards Israelis be an indication that Obama is quite biased against Israel, in favor of the Arab Muslims.

The only one on earth that actually thinks he has fooled Israel, the Jews and the world when it comes to Obama's true feelings towards Israel and its leaders is Obama!

As the editorial in the Jerusalem Post noted, "Obama is not good for Israel".

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