Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sign: "Sharia For America"

"How many Muslims are living in the United States?" is a question being asked today by many folks who "Google", either out of concern and/or research.  Many of these folks are brought to Real Americans, probably due to an article posted here on Wednesday, March 2, 2011, written by Daniel Pipes, "How Many Muslims live in the United States?"

Mr. Pipes, in all his research, could not come up with an actual figure, since depending upon individual groups and organizations coming up with figures that range from 1.8 million, 5 million, 7 million, etc.  Now, that is quite a wide-range between the first and last calcaluations.  Obama was quoted as announcing "7 million" during his 2009 major speech in Cairo and a quote from Mr. Pipes:
June 4, 2009 update: Defying all we know about this topic, Barack Obama today announced the figure of "seven million American Muslims" in the course of his major speech on Islam delivered in Cairo. I comment on his reasons for doing this at "Assessing Obama's Cairo Speech." Simultaneously, the Department of Justice put out a backrounder, "Outreach and Enforcement Efforts to Protect American Muslims," that retreats slightly from Obama's preposterous number, instead referring to "the nearly seven million American Muslims living in the United States."
June 21, 2009 updateObama retreated substantially, though not enough, from his seven million figure, saying in an interview with the Pakistan newspaper Dawn"we have 5 million Muslims, which would make us larger than many other countries that consider themselves Muslim countries."
 This morning I typed in "How many Muslims line in the U.S.?" and the first site that came up on Google is Islam 101 - information dated 1992.The second link listed was Jihad Watch.  Jihad Watch is one of my favorite blogs, but this is not a government census; and to find an actual accounting of the population of Muslims in America is like finding a needle in a haystack - no accurate figures, and nothing up to date.  The number Obama used during his Cairo speech is just a number pulled out of the top of his head without any actual documentation to verify that figure.

So, why are Americans searching for answers today as to "How Many Muslims live in the United States?"

I have a few ideas:
1.  Islam in America is at the forefront of many discussions which began (again) during Rep. King's congressional hearings on American Muslims and "homegrown" terrorists.
2.  Homeland Security has its TSA's groping American citizens at our airports in less than an appropriate manner i.e. 80 year old grandmothers; infants, 4 year old's, and persons with disabilities.  We've gone from inspecting suitcases and luggage bags, to what is commonly considered sexual abuse at the airport, compliments of our federal government and none of these so-called inspections have prevented one terrorist from passing through the airport.  Rather than use common sense, or profiling those folks who would appear to have the signs of a would-be terrorist, Americans are outraged over the treatment we're expected to receive by our TSA's.  Homeland Security should learn from the Israelis what to do and not do at airport screenings - they might learn how to actually catch terrorists.
3. Immediately following 9/11, President Bush implemented Homeland Security - seemed a good idea at the time, but over the past ten years, Americans do not feel one ounce safer, thanks to the lack of security at our borders, airport harassment and perhaps it's time to close shop, or hire leaders with proper experience in security measures necessary for the United States.  However, the concern all of us had was Immigration!  How did these 19 hijackers enter the U.S.?  Visas were passed out like tickets to the movies!  Immigration Services were to be over-hauled and cleaned up, to prevent terrorists from entering and obtaining documentation to allow them to stay in the U.S. How's that working out for us, TEN YEARS LATER?
4.  Lastly, but not least, our cities and towns are receiving large communities of Islam "refugees".  This at a time when Americans are still fighting a War on Terror (in spite of the denial of our Administration), plus the concerns mentioned below, by Right Truth.
Here's the Number One concern of Muslim refugees, from the blog Right Truth (below):
OCTOBER 22, 2010