Friday, July 1, 2011

Remarks By President Peres On American Independence Day

Prime Minister Netanyahu, Ministers, Knesset members, Ambassador Cunningham, Guests and Friends,
There are more than two hundred and thirty five different things I can say about the wonder, the grandeur, the accomplishment and the spirit that is AMERICA -  the powerful nation and generous giver.
It is the history of a mighty – nay, the mightiest – country that never occupied but always contributed.
America is the great nation that was always sensitive to the grim. To the dire. TO the impoverished. And made the world a less dangerous one.
Ready to overcome its flaws.
Some criticize the United States. All of us know that a world without the U.S. would be the greatest mistake of all.
For all of us.
America became for most of us the Indispensable Nation. Then, and now.
THANK YOU AMERICA for what you are – for what you are for us.
WE THANK YOU for standing up for what is right and just and fair.
THANK YOU for defending freedom, safeguarding liberty, searching for peace, protecting democracy, advancing our shared values.
THANK YOU AMERICA for being our friend and our ally.
AND THANK YOU PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, for your leadership, for your deep and moving ongoing and unwavering commitment to the peace and security of our land.
Despite the disparity in size, resources, and power, the United States and Israel share many things.
Core values. a world outlook. a similar fundamental rejection of injustice, and similar aspirations for the world’s future.
Despite the different trajectory of their history, the US and Israel share something fundamental and essential:
We are both, first and foremost, AN IDEA.
We are nations that were established contrary to the trends of history and against conventional wisdom.
We are nations born in defiance of the old order.
We are nations that pursued sovereignty because our founding fathers were discriminated against.
We are nations that seek to set an example, to be a shining light guiding the evolution of a better society and better mankind.
We don’t have a choice but to be exceptional, each in its own way.
We admire your Constitution. It is a uniquely American document, but it is one, we in Israel cherish. And we uphold our Ten Commandments. There is an affinity between them.
Both of us cherish peace with our neighbors. and treasure a democratic new Middle East as a great promise for all of our children. And we shall win.
Thank you Ambassador and Mrs. Cunningham for serving the friendship between our two countries with so much devotion and good will. You served friendship and won friends.
Thank you, Ambassador, for representing the great U.S.A.