Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood's first demand for US: Drop Israel

Tuesday, July 05, 2011 | Ryan Jones

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the weekend publicly announced the Obama Administration's desire to reestablish ties with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.
The Brotherhood responded this week by thanking Clinton, and issuing its first demand of its new American friends: drop support for the "Zionist regime."
In an email response quoted by Bloomberg, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan stated that if America wants solid relations with the group, it should "stop supporting the corrupt and tyrannical regimes, backing the Zionist occupation and using double standards."
It is important to remember that when the Muslim Brotherhood speaks of the "Zionist occupation" it does not mean only the Israeli presence in Judea and Samaria, the so-called "West Bank."
The Muslim Brotherhood sees all of Israel as a cancerous growth that must be eradicated. The group supports returning Egypt to a state of war with Israel, and wants to see the entirety of the region become an Islamic Caliphate.
Former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood for making peace with Israel.
The Muslim Brotherhood is today the most organized political force in Egypt, raising expectations that it will win control of the government when Egyptians go to the polls in September.
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and  Iranian president Ahmadinejad (Iranian News Agency ISNA, August 1, 2005)

The failed foreign policies of the Obama administration are as bare as a newborn baby's behind.  How often had we heard Obama offer to sit down and hold a "friendly" conversation with Iran's president Ahmadinejad?  How did that work out for the U.S.?  Eventually, after not rising to the occasion to defend the protester's in Iran (being shot in the streets by the madman's foot soldiers), sanctions were implemented by the U.S. against Iran - sanctions that are not strong enough to prevent Iran from stopping their rush to obtain nuclear capabilities.  Has Obama come to the defense of our ally Israel, when Iran threatens to wipe Israel and now, Tel Aviv off the map?  Any press conferences when Iran threatens the United States?  

The Muslim world and all its terrorist organizations sit back and see a weak president in Obama and his administration.

So, Iran is not working out and now, let's talk about holding discussion with the Muslim Brotherhood!  The outcome is already predictable.  Why not just take Hamas off the TERROR list and hold talks with them too?!  It appears the only enemy facing Obama is the State of Israel ... after all, if it were not for Israel, all the Muslim world would become content and "Palestine" will be the entire state of Israel - get rid of those pesky Jews once and for all.

But, just in case someone would like to learn more about the Muslim Brotherhood and its ambitions, take a look at this video:

Perhaps Rep. King and Congress would appreciate the video, as it could assist in researching "Islam in America".  Sadly, the only thing that will assist America is making Obama a one-term president.  Those who follow Obama's agenda already understand he has "dropped Israel".

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