Thursday, July 7, 2011

Israeli security braces for influx of foreign protesters

IDF soldier undergoes counterterrorism training at Israeli border.

IDF soldier undergoes counterterrorism training at Israeli border.


Hundreds of anti-Israeli activists, network groups and organization members, most of them Palestinian and Western, are preparing a mass propaganda display at Israel's Ben-Gurion International Airport on or around July 8, an Israeli source told the Law Enforcement Examiner. 
The event is called "Bienvenue Palestine" ("Welcome to Palestine") or "Fly-in Action" (or Ahalan wasahalan fi Filastin in Arabic). They are also planning a series of events (lasting until July 16) in Judea and Samaria and in Israel to show solidarity with the Palestinians and defame Israel, according to officials with Meir Amit Intelligence Center.
Hundreds of activists are expected to arrive in Israel from around the world including groups from the United States such as Code Pink and other radical leftist groups. Their plan is to confront the Israeli authorities at the airport by publicly announcing their intention to reach the Palestinian Authority-administered territories.
The plan may escalate into a protest with a demand for the so-called "right of return," and a protest against Israel's preventing foreign nationals from freely entering the "occupied Palestinian territories." The organizers intend to use passive resistance if an attempt is made to put them on planes to return them to their countries of origin, but past experience has shown that "passive resistance"  quickly deteriorates into violence, according to IDF reports.
Once they leave Ben-Gurion Airport, they plan to engage in solidarity activities with the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria and in Israel. According to the campaign organizers, there will be a week's worth of solidarity activities with Palestine, from planting olive trees to marches protesting the security fence and settlements. Such events, they claim, will be held in Ramallah (July 9), Bethlehem (July 10), Jenin, Nablus and the Galilee (July 11), Hebron and the Jordan Valley (July 12), the Negev and Lod (July 13), and Jerusalem (July 14-15).3 A final event may also be held on July 16.
The timing of the propaganda display and connected events is, according to the organizers, related to the decision of the International Court in the Hague according to which the security fence (the so-called "wall" and "apartheid wall" by the organizers) is illegal.
However, in reality, the display and various events are part of the campaign to delegitimize Israel, and are another aspect of the anti-Israeli defamation propaganda campaign, with a series of events including Nakba Day and Naksa Day, and the current flotilla (whose participants and ships have run into many difficulties, and remain in the Piraeus and other Greek ports).