Thursday, July 14, 2011

In case you wonder why I moderate comments - by Israel Matzav

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ISRAEL MATZAV - Carl in Jerusalem

In case any of you wonder why I moderate comments, I thought I would show you this little masterpiece that came through this morning on an old post (as is usually the case).

This guy's got the mouth of a truck driver and the mind of Adolph Hitler.

Maybe the UN 'human rights council' would like to hire him as a rapporteur for Israel and the 'Palestinian territories.'

My Note:
I want to thank Carl in Jerusalem for posting this little "gem" yesterday.  It appears the guy with the "mouth of a truck driver" has been making the rounds and using the same technique i.e. posting anonymously, under quite old posts.  Normally, I either trash or report as spam, but yesterday "Real Americans" was hit hard by more than a few cowards/trolls who had nothing better to do than fire up their computers to send hate mail from the recesses of a very dark soul..  

Thank you Carl, for encouraging me with your sense of humor.  Sometimes it is good to refocus and remind myself that folks like "Mr. Anonymous" is proof enough that blogs like Israel Matzav and what we do here at "Real Americans" is necessary in today's world.  Truth hurts and mail such as the one Carl received is proof enough that the "pen is mightier than the sword" (or, in this case, the computer).

Bee Sting 

and here's one from Joshua Pundit, also posted yesterday, July 13, 2011:
Trolls Are So Stupid

Especially when they don't realize their URL Is automatically directed into the comments spam filter and flagged, so I don't even have to read it.

Poor thing, posting viciously racist, sexist. inflammatory and insulting garbage in a desperate attempt to get a lil' attention...and not even getting that.

You see, everyone has the right of freedom of speech. Just not the right to be heard.

I'm posting this out of pity, but even this much attention will probably have the troll jimmy launching all over his keyboard.

Ah well.

Eventually they get a clue.