Friday, July 1, 2011

GAG ALERT! Muslim-in-Chief puts Israel on watch list of terrorist-supporting nations


Must be payback time for Netanyahu’s schooling of Barack Hussein Obama at the White House last month.

Yid With Lid - Only in the twisted world of the Obama Administration, where allies are trashed, and enemies are embraced, could the tiny nation of Israel, on the front lines of the war on terror for decades, be on a list of 36 nations which “have shown a tendency to promote, produce, or protect terrorist organizations or their members.”
This is no joke. As reported by CNS News
The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General published the list of “specially designated countries” as an appendix to an unclassified May 11 report–”Supervision of Aliens Commensurate With Risk“–that was publicly posted on the Internet. (The appendix is on page 18 of the document.) 
As a matter of policy, according to the inspector general’s report, citizens of Israel and other “specially designated countries” are subjected to a special security screening called a “Third Agency Check” (TAC) when they are actually detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the division of the Department of Homeland Security responsible for enforcing the immigration laws.
ICE officers are supposed to check all aliens they take into custody against the Terrorist Watchlist, which includes the identities of individuals the U.S. government knows or reasonably suspects to be terrorists. When ICE holds a citizen from a “specially designated country” in its own detention facilities, according to the agency’s standing policy, the individual is also supposed to be run through a TAC.
OK lets get this straight. Based on new Department of Homeland Security procedures, illegal immigrants who are caught breaking the law will not be deported, but the Inspector General is no recommending that every Israeli that visits the US should be subject to special screening procedures. Wait! It gets crazier:
Even though the adminisration includes Israel among “specially designated countries” that it believes “have shown a tendency to promote, produce, or protect terrorist organizations or their members,” ICE Spokeswoman Gillian Christensen told that the U.S. also considers Israel, as well as some other countries on the “specially designated countries” list, as partners in the struggle against terrorism. 
“The U.S. does not and never has considered Israel to have links to terrorism, but rather they are a partner in our efforts to combat global terrorism,” Christensen said in a written statement. “Countries may have been included on the list because of the backgrounds of arrestees, not because of the country’s government itself.”
OH Israelis will now be subject to extra screening because the country arrests terrorists.
The 35 countries plus the West Bank and Gaza that were on the proposed list discussed in the ICE memo uncovered by McClatchey in March 2008 almost exactly matches the “specially designated countries” on the list published by the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General on May 11, 2011. There are only two differences: North Korea was on the list proposed in 2008; it is not on the May 2011 list. Israel was not on the list proposed in 2008; it is on the May 2011 list. 
Obama always says that despite his constant criticism of  Israel, America will always have a special partnership with the Jewish State.  Now we understand he means putting Israel on a “special” terrorism watch list.

My Note:
On August 7, 2010 I posted the following article:


"The Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of traveling to Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, and about threats to themselves and to U.S. interests in those locations. The Department of State urges U.S. citizens to remain mindful of security factors when planning travel to Israel and the West Bank and to avoid all travel to the Gaza Strip.  This replaces the Travel Warning issued June 20, 2010 to update information on the general security environment in Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip." ... more here
An Israeli commented last year and noted that the travel warning to Israel was "scare mongering"; that common sense would keep people from visiting Gaza (unless, of course, you have no common sense and are sailing off on the Audacity of Hope flotilla boat!); and the final opinion was the travel warning of the USA State Department was of "Nationalistic interests of the Arabs and a conspiracy against Israel."

To my knowledge, the State of Israel looked into the matter last year, and our State Dept. gave some type of an excuse as to why Israel was placed on the "WARNING LIST" ... (?).

What has changed in the last year, to once again place the entire State of Israel on a "WARNING" list for travelers?  The same Arab nations surround tiny Israel; the same terrorists are living in Gaza; and as noted before, those tourists traveling to Israel, visiting Jerusalem and the holy sites, are not traveling on a one way ticket to Gaza!

What has changed is the more open, blatant policies supporting the Palestinians, while ignoring the shining democracy which is Israel, an ally of the United States.  Since when does the USA place its ally on the "DANGEROUS" list of places to travel, when it is the surrounding Arab Muslim nations that are purely not safe for anyone at this present time.  And is this the Administration's way of lumping Israel in the same basket at the actual terrorists in Gaza?!  "Terrorist-supporting nation" ... well, if that means the United States has just released Israel from supporting those Palestinians in Gaza - Hooray!  But what about the U.S. supporting the Palestinians/Hamas unity, by continuing it military training of the Fatah?  Is this another double-standard of this administration?  

Let's get to the bottom of this issue immediately, by demanding Congress stop all aid to the terrorists murdering the Jews and Israeli citizens i.e. Fatah/Hamas.  How is that support in the interests of the United States, or its ally Israel?

The State of Israel needs to contact the US State Department and clear up any and all misconceptions about this latest attempt to prevent citizens from visiting peaceful Israel.  

Meanwhile, "Welcome to Israel" and listen to a few Israeli songs of joy .... (see video)

Jerusalem Day Music Video w/Carol Cantrell, Israeli songs

Shalom, Israel!

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