Saturday, June 25, 2011

Video: The Gaza Flotilla 2 Theme Song (Hey Jews!)

Gaza Flotilla Raid - May, 2010 - Soldiers being hit with metal rods

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LYRICS BELOW. The song is a parody. The situation is very real.

The Israeli naval blockade of the Gaza Strip exists for one reason only: to prevent the smuggling of weapons. Gaza is ruled by Hamas, a genocidal organization whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews wherever they are. I'm sorry, but when 10,000 rockets are fired on Israeli civilians (like me), I tend to take it personally.

(parody lyrics based on the song Hey Jude by Lennon & McCartney)

Hey Jews we're setting sail
Bound for that big jail that's known as Gaza
"Flotilla" was once a word no one knew
Here comes number two, we're back to Gaza

Hey Jews, don't be afraid
You know your blockade can't last forever
The Egyptians tried too, but let down their guard
Deterrence is hard, surrender's better

And if we hide Iranian bombs, hey Jews come on!
We're all just humanitarian sailors
With ammo belts and bars of steel
Hey Jews, get real!
Code Pink buys the same at Lord and Taylor

Hey Jews, don't lose your cool
The revolution is all around you
From the Golan to Sinai's lines in the sand
We'll cross over land 'till we surround you

No matter what we smuggle in, hey Jews, give in
We're riding the wave of world opinion
'Cause don't you know when we attack and you fight back
It tightens the noose we hold your head in

Hey, Jews, can't you excuse 10,000 rockets on civilians
You've spent all that dough on reinforced rooms
The whole world presumes you want to use them.