Friday, June 24, 2011

Obama - Campaign Contributions = The Chicago Way!


Breaking News - Obama Gun Smuggling To Mexican Drug Cartels in Exchange for Campaign Contributions

By Nicholas Contompasis

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder's scheme to funnel arms to Mexican drug cartels using our ATF agents as cover, is now exploding into a full scale indictment of the Obama Administration's reckless attempt to reach it's billion dollar reelection campaign goal. 

The President's quid pro quo with Mexico's drug cartels, and the Mexican Government itself, meant he would have met his campaign goals if it where not for numerous ATF whistle-blowers that put a stop to the shipment of thousands of military style weapons to Mexico. 

In exchange for this blatant violation of U.S. Laws, Obama and Holder had expected massive donations from south of the border such as in 2008 when hundred's of thousands of small odd numbered contributions streamed into Obama's campaign coffers. 

Speculation was, that after millions of dollars were donated to the election of Barack Obama originating from the Gaza Strip and Lebanon, it was felt that Obama would reciprocate by favoring the Palestinian movement over Israel. 

As we have seen over the past two and a half years, that's exactly what happened. 

It now seems that the President and the Attorney General were in the process of selling out our Southern border states and our national security for campaign contributions. 

The congressman from California (R) Daryl Issa, is hot on the administrations trail and expects to announce further results from his investigations of the Obama Administration.